A Single View of the Customer Is Essential to Your Success

In today’s highly competitive market, a business requires a single view of the customer records in order to flourish. For making sure that your company is a step ahead of its competitors, you have to include this in your system.

It unifies customer data across the internal systems and can enable every department to gain insight into a customer’s personal activities, purchasing choices, preferences, and lifestyle, et al. All these are known as “golden records” because they can supercharge your business.

Although it is still not popular enough, collecting all the data into a single point of control can prove to be extremely beneficial. This can result in better profit margins, create more brand engagement, retain more customers, etc.

Your executives can now create a conversation with customers easily as they will already know about his or her choices. The information can be used to engage customers. Some of the important records are historical activity, campaign response information, suppression of information, demographics records, touchpoints in his or her purchases history, etc.

The expectations of customers have increased over the past decade and thankfully, you now have a treasure of data that the customers leave on digital touchpoints.

The data is generally divided into certain technologies and protected by internal departments, which doesn’t really meet the required demands of businesses. In order to make the most customer data, you need to change this internal process. You have to ensure that your company doesn’t have to make do with disconnected data and point solutions.

The Robust Power of a Single View of the Customer

Customers live an omnichannel life, which can contribute to your business’s upside because they leave traces on digital and physical touchpoints. For instance, if X checks out a product at a retail store, he might go back and check online sites for the same product for better discounts, etc. You have to keep in mind that customers want to have a seamless experience across all channels. To enrich their experience, you also need to put in efforts and know about their tastes, preferences, etc.

No customer wants to switch brands often; just like you want to retain customers, they also like consistent experiences.

However, most brands fail to offer these experiences and this is the reason why customers jump from one brand to another for the same product/service. With proper customer data, you would be able to deliver optimum online and offline engagements.

If you include a unified view of customers, you would be able to make the most of it. Try to deliver real-time data-driven engagements across online and offline touchpoints so that your peers stay behind you. You must understand the importance of this golden record.

Since the data would be available internally, your customer care team as well as marketing executives would be able to gain traction from the same. You would be able to deliver the right message at the right time once the data is unified.

You will be able to fetch hefty ROI, thus leading to a better topline. It is an easy way to bump up revenues effectively. 

Customer Data Platforms

This desire to unify customer information to a central portal is nothing new. Companies have tried assembling records in a single platform many times before. But it seems that this is the most authentic and reliable way to unify data.

CDPs or customer data platforms help managements to access data in the best possible ways. It helps in maintaining an always-on and always-processing golden record of customers. They are recorded at a central point from where it can be controlled and is visible to all the departments.

This also allows the IT people to concentrate on adding strategic value to the business. CDPs are a foundational component of a comprehensive omnichannel customer engagement platform. 

Unified Golden Records Leads to Engagement Success

The siloed data environment, which was once used, is no longer functional. It fails to meet the requirement of modern-day customers. If you want to step ahead, then you must unify your data NOW!

CDPs are an excellent technological solution to all your data-related issues. This allows businesses to reach out to customers in the right way. Your brand can opt for the preferred channel (based on which customer they are approaching) as well.

Business houses must follow the path of customers who have moved to a seamless integration between the physical and digital worlds. Boost your business by opting for this new solution.

In a nutshell, this solution enables:

  • Effective personalization
  • Eradicates the possibilities of inaccuracies
  • Removes redundancies
  • Delivers more relevant messages
  • Better customer experiences
  • Better internal process
  • Provide Data for Additional Insights


To wrap it up, Single View of the Customer is a great option for enhancing your business prospects and performing better. You can keep your entire team updated about the customer’s journey through this. They can easily handle customer attributes and gain insight from the same. You can remove misalignment and loss of information in your business through this.

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