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A Guide to C+E Licence

If you want to enhance your income and improve your professional HGV driving resume, a level up to an HGV Cat C+E licence or also known as Class 1 licence is the course to catch on to. Unlike a lower level Cat C licence – the norms for most professional drivers – an HGV Cat C+E enables you to run a transport measuring over 7.5t, that has a detachable or a separate wagon. This licence is also attributed to Class 1 Licence.

So if you ever hear a calling for a Class 1 licence, you should recognize that it involves an HGV Cat C+E for that specific function.

What C+E Licence?

The class ‘C+E’ license succeeded the former class I license in 1997. Clearing the ‘C+E’ exam is a condition for working an articulated vehicle or a stiff vehicle hauling a huge wagon. Without the ‘C+E’ license, you are restricted to pulling a 750 Kg total measurement wagon.

While the ‘C+E’ license authorizes the performance of both types of transportation. You may yearn that haulage corporations working an articulated line may not want to hire a person who cleared the examination on a rigorous and wagon. This is because the features of the vehicles are somewhat distinct. Inexperienced drivers moving onto an articulated vehicle has been classified as being at greater risk of the disaster until amply experienced.

The transient license for a ‘C+E’ vehicle is a programmed entitlement on clearing the ‘C’ licence.

What can I drive with C E Licence

The Category HGV C+E licence training enables you to operate a transport scaling over 3,500 kg with a detachable wagon that’s over 750 kg. With this licence, drivers can draw an overall maximum weight of 44 tonnes. You will be qualified to operate two types of vehicle:

  • Thoroughly articulated lorry – generally identified as artics, this union is comprised of a tractor system drawing a prolonged wagon. These types of vehicles on the road are the most well-known Class C+E/Class 1 vehicles you’ll notice on motorways and expressways.
  • Drawbar – also known as ‘trailer and drag’ this is an aggregate of a stiff truck flanked with a wagon.

How to get C+E Licence?

Truck driving is a great profession to hop into if you are a driving fanatic and are looking to attempt something different. Although there are stern moves you must perceive to become an accredited Cat C+E LGV or class 1 HGV driver if you’re committed it can be achieved in hardly 30 days time span. There are also licence application charges you have to pay.

To attain a Class 1 licence, you will be required to present the following data and take moves as relevant:

  • An identity proof that you are 18 years of age or above
  • Evidence that you possess a class B (standard driving) licence
  • Medical confirmation
  • Fill an application for the transient grant for the Category C permit. You will be expected to take the Class C examination.

Obtain a car driving licence

First of all, you also must be 18 years or above. If you don’t already own a car driving licence you should get one. To get one you are required to appeal for a transient car driving licence from the government’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). This will permit you to take driving trainings both theoretical as well as practical from a tutor or qualified trucker who possesses a comprehensive driving licence. To acquire your thorough car licence, you necessitate clearing a computerized theory exam and a practical exam at a certified institution.

To execute this, you’ll require a D2 and a D4 application from the DVLA i.e., Driving and Vehicle License. The D2 application can be completed themselves by the applicant, but the D4 application is pharmaceutical and will need to be elected by a physician and optician. Once you’re serving as an HGV trucker, you’ll be required to clear a medical test five years each.

The next move is earning your complete HGV driver’s permit. This is divided into four segments:

Part 1:

Theory examination: You must secure a minimum of 85/100 in multiple-choice questions. Also, you must secure at least 67/100 in a risk perception examination.

Part 2:

Event studies examination: You’ll be conferred with seven possible case studies you could undergo while driving an HGV or LGV and you are required to demonstrate what you would do and how. The minimum passing mark is 40 out of 50.

Part 3:

Driving skill: The actual driving examination. It will continue for 1 hour 30 minutes and incorporates transportation security problems, practical road driving, and off-road activities.

Part 4:

Practical illustration: You’ll be examined on your capability to saddle a lorry, working out with trafficking and any mishaps, overcome uncertainties, and lead a vehicle security test.

  • Level C1 – This is the official, primary qualification of HGV learning and permitting that you can achieve. This permit is a step up from a normal driver’s license. It allows you to operate a carrier of 3,500 Kgs, as long as that transportation is less than 7.5 tonnes in total load.
  • C1+E – This grant is furthermore customarily identified as a 7.5 tonne + wagon permit, and reasonably prepares as it is stated on that container. It allows the operator to run a vehicle with an entire mass of up to 7,500kg, with a fastened wagon of above 750kg certified volume. Essentially it’s a renewed regular C1 permit. It indicates that the one who has cleared their C1 examination and is accepted for a C1 permit.
  • Category C – A category C permit allows truckers to run vehicles above 3.5 tonnes. Nevertheless, should not surpass 32 weights. Cat C permit automatically develops a vehicle with a taxi and wagon fixed for permanently together. One can gain this permit at the age of 18.
  • C+E – A section C + E permit is the most comprehensive HGV license you can possess. With this permit, truckers can manage and deal with a drawbar or connected transport. The E portion of sections C and E permit describes an opportunity. It indicates that the driver can work up to or above 750 tonnes in load. This particular permit is also known as Class 1. This facilitates the driver to handle any large items vehicle needed, including a dual wagon.

Final Words:

We hope the above column cleared all your questions about category C+E Licence.

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