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9 Tips to Make the Most of Working in your old days

Time management skill is the most important task for the young generation as they are nowadays found to waste their time in simply scrolling their internet and use smartphones for vague purposes. They are found to ruin their careers simply by chitchats and worthless activities.

In our days we enjoyed our youth by engaging ourselves in studying, playing, drawing and had that capacity to manage the time efficiently in useful activities.

Here are some of the tips which the teenagers should follow as we did in our earlier days.

Setting Goals

In our youth we used to first set our goals before planning any activities. Before jotting out what to do or what not to, setting a goal is an important criteria.

For instance, if you aspire to achieve your academic skills, you first need to jot down the points to follow, like each subject should follow time management or make it a point to practice learned skills every day to get better at them. So, before planning any activity, a goal should be maintained and settled.

So, the youth of these days don’t follow these strategies and therefore find aimlessly roaming here and there. “I had planned my goal and accordingly achieved success” says Gauri who is a blogger and wrote best spincast reels post.

Choosing Career

This is an important area where a learner or a student should seek expert advice before beginning their planning for the future. Choosing a career and understanding the various perspectives is a difficult task. The advisor should understand the students area of concern and interest and accordingly should guide them.

In our time when we used to select our career we took expert advice for the betterment of our future. The expert should provide them the various options available for their subject and should motivate them to choose the right track in order to intensify the job opportunities. “I choose canvas painting area by consulting and seeking expert help and now i am in a better position” says Salvia who is a blogger and shared her views on best goatee trimmers.

Time management

This is yet another important field where the youth or the learners should follow certain policies in order to maintain the timing agenda. When we deal with time we then first select our goal and planning and accordingly set the time.

For example, say, before an examination we first set the time of our studies, the specific time to read, write, memories and final revision, then we choose a slot of time for breakfast, dinner, lunch. Then we keep some time for refreshments and energizing ourselves. Then some time for sleep.

In this way we had managed our time before examination. So time management is an important part before planning anything.

Exercise and Body Fitness for Time Management

This is another way to keep you busy at work. Exercise is a productive activity where the youth can spend some time on body fitness as it helps protect, immunize and energize themselves. In our youth phase we use to do several asanas or yoga or even meditation to keep ourselves fit. Some of us also did jogging and skipping.

But now several gym centers have opened to keep the body fit through exercise. “I have recently joined gym center and is enjoying exercises” says Rahul who is an assignment expert and wrote post on difference between one piece and two piece toilets.

Prioritizing Activities

The activity should be planned as per the priority of activity. Nowadays the most important activity is to chat and scroll the mobile phones and keep engaging in social media.

But in our time as there were no phones available we used to make ourselves busy by studying and playing outdoor games. So, you must prioritize the most critical activities over the unimportant ones.

Choosing Hobbies

The phase of youth is the most important part where we choose our hobbies and habits. In these phases we start liking playing, drawing, participating in several co-curricular activities such as dancing, singing, presenting comedies and many more.

This is the phase where we discover our creativity and can present those in front of others.

Growing Plants

Youth is the phase where we become enthusiastic for each activity and enhance interest. The plantation is also one of those activities done by us in the starting phase to fetch people’s attention. They raised awareness programs in favor of plantation programs and wanted everyone to join them.” In my youth I had attended several plantation programs” says Gaurav who liked post on best fertilizers for Palm Trees when he was looking for fertilizers.

Blood Donation Camps

This is also an energetic program which is created by several youths for their stages and aroused awareness. They organized several blood donation camps in several colleges, schools and arranged foods for the needy peoples. In this way we can cooperate and support the needy peoples.

Engagements in NGOs

You can engage yourselves with several NGOs in order to help several needy peoples and shelter less peoples. They also provided several clothes, foods to several peoples affected from natural disasters or victims of any other violence.

Inference for Time management in activities

Therefore, the above mentioned tips will help the new generation youths to make themselves active in several fruitful activities. They will also join several programs in order to support the society and the needy human beings. They should offer their hands for help and corporations.

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