8 Business Appealing Features That Must Be Included With Your Handyman App

It is not so easy to be a successful aggregator; especially in the handyman business. You have to work more to convert the customers to choose the handyman service from your marketplace. 

Having an application for the handyman aggregator business is not enough to convince the customers. You have to ensure the top natch business appealing features in your handyman application.

Through this blog, I listed the top-rated eight business appealing features with an advantageous mobile application like Uber for Handyman, that can convert your customers. Let’s check this out.

Developing A Mobile App: A Crucial Thing For Handyman Business

The mobile application is mandatory for any aggregator business of any industry. Likewise, in the handyman business, you have to pay more attention to developing a mobile application. This is because the customers of the handyman business are not regular users of the services. They need the handyman service rarely. 

So, you should convert them during their search process for the service. This can be done with an effective application with futuristic features and an attractive UI. Your handyman application must be able to deliver your diversified services. Besides this, it is empowered with the advanced tech solution which should be responsive in both android and iOS. 

It can deliver benefits to customers and the service providers concurrently. That means the customer application should be developed in a customer-centric manner and interface and the service provider app should be user friendly with tailormade features. So, developing a mobile app with appealing features is the utmost crucial thing to do when you start an aggregator business in the handyman industry. 

Eight Consummate Features of High-End Handyman App

Now straight to the point, you can check the top-natch features that should be included with your handyman application to ensure a fast and high conversion rate. 

Wallet Based Payment – Multiple payment facilities is the common feature of a handyman application. But you should note, that you include wallet-based payments in your multiple payment options. In addition to this, you can provide an inbuilt wallet option to store the money and use it when it needs. 

Promo Code – A promo code or coupon code or discount voucher is the best strategy to engage your customers while consuming your service and after it. This will benefit mutually, you and your customers and also the service providers.

Category Wise Listing –  It is a simple thing with the power to make an impact on the user experience of your handyman application. You should provide the category-wise listing and allow your customer to sort, filter conserving multiple categories.

Online Booking And Scheduling – Online booking facility is the common facility of any on-demand business. But the scheduling feature in the advanced solution to impress your customers. Through this, you can allow your customers to pre-book a handyman service provider and also cancel the appointment. 

Top Handyman Selection – All customers want to hire top-rated service providers to complete their restructuring or any other work. So, rate your service providers concerning their experience and skillset. This will helpful for your consumers to scale the service providers. 

Diversified Service – When providing handyman service for multiple purposes, your consumer uses your marketplace to avail of the handyman service. For instance, you have to list many service providers in plumbing, furniture replacement, smart home upgrade installation, painting for the interior and exterior, power washing, and others

User-Friendly Features To Prioritize Customers  – Giving priority to your consumer is the most important thing in this business. You have to provide personalized and user-friendly service to ensure the best customer experience. 

Referral Programmes – Conducting a referral program is also a mutual benefit feature that can drive a more customer base for the online marketplace. You should provide some benefits to the customer who refers another user and the new user also. Through this, your customers also get benefitted. 

These features are the tools to implement innovative marketing and CX ideas within your application. When you add these eight business appealing features with the handyman application your conversion rate hikes. If you are in an idea about developing an application for the aggregator business, include these features with your application to be the best marketplace for the handyman.

How To Utilize Handyman App To Get Profit

Without creating thinking, there is no use to develop these top-rated features. So, create many ideas which can be feasible with your handyman app. Get the best idea and try to monetize it by implementing that. 

You can run a marketing campaign by integrating some of the above-said features of the app. For instance, you can integrate the inbuilt wallet and the referral program. Provide the customers worth of some cost like 1 USD in the wallet when they complete a referral. Then remind them to use the amount when they book a handyman service with your app.

By combining the coupon code and wallet facility, you can gift a coupon card to your customer who spends a specific amount like 100 USD in your application. The coupon can contain 5 USD (for example) to add to the inbuilt wallet. Through this, your consumers will be happy and they try to get a 5 USD discount on their next order. So, they use your application again.

These are simple and creative ideas with the features of the application. You can create more ideas like this. So, try to utilize your application’s features in the best way to get maximum benefits.


As the last reminder, your handyman aggregator business needs a sophisticated tech solution to provide extended service to your customers. By availing of an application, you can do it easily. But, by developing an app clone for your on-demand business, you can deploy your online handyman aggregator business in no time.

When developing the clone application, you should ensure that it has the top eight operational features to get more retention and conversion rate. And also explore some creative ways to monetize your features of the application. 

You can avail the best app clone from the best handyman app development company to get all the features. This will help you to start the handyman aggregator business in a short time.

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