70 percent of students today think that online learning is better than the traditional classroom experience

If we are talking about a traditional school that has been our lives for the longest time. It has always been a useful and effective experience, it sets the students on a path to reach their goals. Now, today with all the advancements in life, students have the opportunity to do online learning. This is helpful if the student is not able to attend their traditional schooling. If they do not offer classes that the student would like to take. In today’s decade, the student thinks more about online education than traditional, because of opportunities, flexibility, and communication with the teachers. The big reason is the time management from the student. Homeschooling is also a part of online learning in which the parents learn about their child at home. Parents can get help from teachers and other available resources online.

Isberne Online, an International School Switzerland, has a history of  50-years of educational experience helping students with learning difficulties and we provide an online curriculum for kindergarten to grade 12.  Our highly qualified teachers share the world’s best experience that helps the students to reach their goals with full potential and we also offer online high school courses for the students which are fully accredited by NEASC. Students can ask their questions about the solution at any time, any place, or home with the connection of the internet. 

Online schooling has huge flexibility in many aspects. In this scenario, the student can accomplish their class from their home. It is not necessarily the time of the day that students feel to do their work, and students can make their schedule every day. When the student follows their schedule, they can choose the pace of the class.  So the student can learn their online session according to their best ability. ISBerne Online offers many online eligible courses and provides a high-quality education system that makes the students regular learners, confident, and dedicated to ensuring their success.

According to recent research, about 70% to 75 % of students like online education because there are many advantages to taking online classes. In online education, students can achieve their college degrees more easily. Especially for those students who have any family obligations, or who live far from the campus, or who are doing a full-time job. Online classes also provide the student more freedom over their learning and allow the student to work at an individualized pace.

Most of the time, a student cannot learn in their scenario because the teacher has a schedule and if the student cannot attend their lecture because of any illness, or some other sort of reason they will get behind in class. On the other hand, in an online class, the student can still work while sick or for any reason. However, approximately 1 in every 4 students claims that they learn better through online education. If we choose online education instead of traditional education, it is most important to consider your schedule needs and unique learning style. Here below, we discuss some points about why a student chooses online education over a traditional school. 


One of the famous and obvious benefits of online school is the level of flexibility you get. You can continue working on the job, running the household, and take all classes at once. While online students receive their deadlines, they can choose when to study, listen to lectures, complete assignments, and more. On the other hand in a traditional study, there is often a lack of flexibility.

 Maintain self-Discipline:

As we know, taking online learning gives the students more control and independence over their education. So, it required great self-motivation and self-discipline. In online education, you must be able to motivate yourself to fulfill the required assignments and reading work. You must hold yourself responsible for these tasks. You must know how to regulate and manage your time. Success in online education will be dependent on your ability to get self-motivated and get things done as well.

Social interactions with others:

There is one misconception around online coursework is that there is no interaction. But in reality, your professors and peers are right at your fingertips. Online education often utilizes collaborative resources to encourage regular discussions, communications, and brainstorms.  

More accessible:

Online learning enables you to study or teach from any place in the world. This means that there is no need to commute from one place to another. In Online education, not only do you save time but you also save money, which can be utilized on other priorities. The online study is also available anywhere in the world, there’s an internet connection. For example, if you are studying abroad and need to get a job, online learning is the best choice.

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