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7 Underrated Places You’ve Probably Never Visited in Melbourne

Whether Melbourne is your born-and-bred place or it’s your favourite city in the world to travel to, there are plenty of special places tucked away in Melbourne’s roads and buildings that even the best local traveller welcome several tips. 

If you don’t know these hidden places yet, don’t worry you can be forgiven for missing them. Here are some of the top places in Melbourne you might have missed and make sure that you put these gems on the bucket list for your next city adventures. 

1. The rooftop of Manchester Unity Building and Art Deco boardroom 

Photo by ArchitectureAu

Do you enjoy appreciating striking structures? Then the Manchester Unity Building is definitely a gem of streamlined Art Deco design. Some locals just admire it from the street. If you’re one of them, it’s time that you get inside this beautiful interior and you’ll be surprised with the feeling of getting yourself into a 1930s timewarp. 

The place includes tours that are usually off-limits so make sure you ask them first. But just to give you an idea, the tour has an alluring wood-panelled boardroom, which is a showpiece of the 20th-century interior design. You’ll also be enjoying a unique peek at the rooftop terrace that was a spot for a buzzing cafe and tearoom before. The tours always start with treats at the 1932 Cafe & Restaurant in the marble arcade. 

2. The West Side Place Artcade 

Photo by Visit Melbourne

You might be wondering what ‘artcade’ is. Well, this place was an actual arcade before it turned into a public art gallery. Melbourne artists together with art collective Juddy Roller have teamed up to renovate the West Side Place arcade into a creative art gallery. This ‘artcade’ involves amazing work from local contemporary art heavyweights such as Reko Rennie and Rone. 

3. Vintage Sole

Photo by WeYou Stay

Want to include some 80s montage moments in your Instagram? Go ahead and pick that rare accessory, look for a streetwear classic or track down a designer item at Vintage Sole. This hidden gem of Melbournes is filled with a wide span of style decades from the 1960s to the 1990s and hunts through the racks. From skirts to dresses to overalls to knitwear to outerwear and shoes, you can almost find anything for your vintage style. So, make sure you take note of this for your next flight to Melbourne

4. Upper West Side Street Art Precinct

Photo by Only Melbourne

We have another Instagram worthy place on our list! CBD’s western edge has got out of its boring and dull funk and transformed into some punk vibes all thanks to the Juddy Roller collective. Celebrated street artists Adnate, Sofles, Dvate, Smug, Fintan Magee and Rone created six murals. They were the ones who marked the first phase of the CBD’s first official street-art zone, which has a seven-storey and 30-metre wide structure. And when you go to the corners of Little Bourke and Spencer streets, you will see the city council and Upper West Side redevelopment. 

5. The secret place under the stairs of the Federation Square 

Photo by Green Magazine

Do you want to have a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city? Then this cute pop-up space that you can find under the stairs at Federation Square is the answer to that. Local groups usually use this retreat as a meeting place where they can share their passion for all things like knitting to paper-craft. This was a little lending library before. Comparing this to Fed Square which has very modern hard surfaces and sharp corners while the secret den has a mid-20th century comfort like retro couch and armchairs. 

6. The Little Library 

LITERARY LOCATION: The Little Library at Melbourne Central shopping centre in Melbourne, Victoria | Commas and Ampersands
Photo by Commas and Ampersands-

Looking for more books to read? Need some inspiration? Luckily, we have Melbourne Central’s Little Library! Locals and visitors are both urged to read or borrow a book and return it back after finishing it, or they may even get the book they want and replace it with one of their own favourite books. Every age is welcome to be there, plus, this library is the more laid back and cooler friend of your public library. 

7. Wunderkammer

Photo by What’s On Melbourne- City of Melbourne

Wunderkammer is definitely the gift shop you’ve never been to! The name of the gift shop when translated means ‘cabinet of curiosities’, home to almost anything that’s unusual, rare, and unique in Melbourne. It’s the collector’s shop that features items like fossils, insects, minerals, ancient science equipment, and preserved animals. Now, you won’t have to purchase those boring gifts and souvenirs again for your family and friends. 

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