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7 Overlooked Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has already made its mark to be one of the most effective marketing methods in use currently. Without an iota of doubt, it gives a brand great exposure that is generated when a social media star or a celebrity shares sponsored content about the brand, product, or service. There’s no denying that it immediately comes across to our minds as a tool to gain attention and publicity.

At the same time, influencer marketing does a lot more than just provide brand exposure. So what are the overlooked benefits of influencer marketing? Well, just like the well-known benefits there are many of these as well. To get a better idea let’s discuss seven of the most major ones.

  1. Build trust and display authority

When some content is posted by a social media star, industry expert, or popular celebrity about a brand, product, or service it gives instant credibility to the business. It works because the influencer is considered to be a person with some authority to notice, recognize and post a positive experience it reflects that the business in question is trustworthy and an industry leader.

The recognition is even more when the posting is done by an industry expert from the same domain as your business giving it that extra priority.

  1. Put your brand on the trend

Influencers are mostly the driving force behind the newest trends and hot topics. They are the ones who raise awareness and expose audiences to new ideas, products, and brands. Being regarded as the hottest and newest concept is a major but overlooked benefit of influencer marketing. However, this is one of the key factors that come into play when it comes to your brand’s popularity.

When you align your brand with an influencer who is a trendsetter you portray your business to be a leader with innovation and that gets your brand to be counted among trendsetters.

  1. Drive purchasing decisions

Sales are the lifeline of any business and when social media influencers mention your brand, product, or service as a part of a positive experience, it drives sales to a great extent. Consumers take recommendations from influencers seriously and as genuine and authentic. 1 out of 2 purchasing decisions is made out of recommendations. Consumers look up to influencers for advice on what products and services to buy.

About 40% of people make purchases out of social media influencer recommendations and at the same time, about 85% of this generation uses social media to learn about new products or trendy services. If your goal is to increase sales volume, influencer marketing is your answer.

  1. Beat blindness to advertising

Another largely overlooked benefit is that this method overshadows other advertising options. Banner advertisements were a widely used tool that was used by marketers to promote their brand, products, or services. However, with time consumers have turned a blind eye to this tool.

The click-through percentage for display ads is currently set at 0.06%. This is where influencer marketing goes through blindness towards banner ads or even “skip ads” using videos. Influencer marketing places the ads where they are noticed most, incorporated in immersive and interesting content in a natural environment.

  1. Connect with audiences where they prefer to spend time

Today’s target audiences spend a lot of their time on social media. The amount of time spent is on an ever-increasing trend. The average time spent on social media by a person is about 2 hours, and this includes people who don’t spend even a minute and also people who spend half their day using it.

When social media influencers promote a brand, product, or service on their social media accounts they let the businesses connect with the audiences or their consumers at the place they spend most of their time on.

  1. High ROI possibility

Data speaks for itself and data from previous influencer marketing campaigns says that the outcome from influencer marketing outweighs the involved costs with a very high return on investments. A survey from Burst Media reports that businesses investing in influencer marketing earn about $6.85 in value in media for every $1 expense in paid media from sponsored posts.

Using the outreach of influencers for marketing strategies pays back handsomely when done effectively.

  1. Sharing potential without boundaries

One of the major overlooked reasons why influencer marketing has such a high ROI is its unlimited sharing potential. Most of the paid advertising methods come with a limited reach and a certain amount of impressions.

At the same time, an influencer marketing campaign has immense potential and can be shared without limits. Go viral and reach many more people than it was intended for. Content that can be shared without limits and grasp people’s imagination increasing brand awareness and attracting attention multiple times.

This has an edge over the other methods as it is beyond the limits of reach. And can quickly grow brand engagement and awareness attracting the attention of consumers time and time again.

These were just seven of the overlooked benefits from influencer marketing that can positively impact your business and have an outcome that increases sales and brand awareness tremendously. Using it to its full potential requires a proper planning and execution process, something best left to the expert agencies.

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