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7 Amazing Features of Office Ally Practice mate

Practice Mate

Office Ally’s Practice Mate is a Web-based medical practice management system for small to mid-sized practices with multiple offices. The software is very customizable which makes it very simple for the physicians to use it. Software became popular for its amazing features that helped users improve their efficiency as well as productivity. 

If you are considering looking for good EHR software that can help you manage things at your practice and optimize your processes, practice mate is a great option for you. According to the practice mate review, the software streamlines the whole practice within no time. Practice Mate has some excellent features so without wasting any more time, let’s find out what those are:

Top 7 Features of Practice Mate

There are several amazing features that make Office Ally’s Practice Mate the Best Practice Management solution in 2021 but we are going to list the top reasons why we think it makes an excellent choice. 

File Claims for Free

Claims management is an essential part of every medical practice but it does require a lot of time and attention. Filing claims can be a very long process and quite confusing. With Office Ally’s Practice Mate, you don’t have to worry about it at all. You can file claims online which is way more convenient and easy 

This feature helps you streamline the process of filing claims and not only that but it also automates some of the claim filing processes. With this, you do not have to worry about making mistakes either. This feature helps in improving workflow efficiency and makes sure that you don’t waste time on things that are not important. 

The time saved from doing this whole task manually can be utilized to do something more productive. A lot of Practice Mate reviews talk about this feature and how it creates ease for the management.


Patient Portal

Patient Portal is an essential feature for every medical software to have. Practice Mate understands the importance of having a good patient portal and offers you just that.  With the help of the Practice Mate Patient Portal, you can access a patient’s history and have a look at his record before the diagnosis and treatment. 

With the help of this feature, patients can easily schedule their appointments which reduces the administrative load and makes it easier for the patients too. The software is HIPAA compliant which means doctors and patients can easily communicate through the patient portal and the messages are all kept confidential. 

Online Patient Eligibility Checking

When it comes to online Patient Eligibility checking, it is the most talked-about feature of Practice mate. With this software, you can enter patient information and then have the software check whether or not they qualify for insurance immediately. This feature saves a lot of time and improves productivity rapidly. 


Seamless Integration

One of the most useful features of Practice Mate is Seamless integration with other software. With Practice Mate you can integrate your practice management software, your billing software, or any other software that you are using to make your practice run smoothly. This way the management of data is more organized. 


24/7 Customer Support

The software offers 24/7 customer support which Practice Mate is quite popular for. This means that if you get stuck in the middle of a process, you can contact customer support right away and have them fix your problem. The customer support that they have is extremely active and efficient according to the user reviews. 


Patient Scheduling

Practice Mate has several different EHR features but one feature that is very famous for is its Patient Scheduling. The software offers the best scheduling tools so that the whole procedure is streamlined. Not only does it take care of appointment scheduling but also if there is any cancellation, the software automatically allows a new patient in that slot. 


Intuitive and friendly User Interface

One great thing about Practice Mate is how user-friendly the software is. The software has a very well-developed intuitive user interface that fastens almost all the processes. It helps in improving clinical efficiency majorly and makes the whole system run extremely smoothly. The software is very beginner-friendly so it doesn’t take long to get a hang of the software. 

All these features are designed with great focus. If you want to know more about software, you can book a demo with us on Software Finder. 

Final Review!

Office Ally’s is a great software to have in your medical practice. It not only helps users with day-to-day tasks but also automates most of the complex tasks. If you look at the user review, you’ll know how much the software is loved. If you are in search of good software to optimize your practice, we would recommend you to check it out. 

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