6 Inspiring Microlearning Examples for 2021

Microlearning is a way that provides focused, short pieces of content to people, as when or where they want or need it. This idea of microlearning not new because its effectiveness already debated in the development and learning industry. The bite-sized courses are not the same a good learning and don’t improve the performance. But if we have the right context and do it with the mind or overall experience, it will prove highly effective.

However, if we want the right context to provide us with practical experience, why don’t we check the right context of law essay writing service UK. That will definitely will provide us with the effects right content. Here we can see the benefits of microlearning and its six inspiring examples of this year that will be very effective.

Why should we consider microlearning?

In a world now, it’s time where almost all people are using their mobile phones about nine times in an hour. And they want digital shorter learning content, which is why this digital short learning is becoming more famous.

People want all content on their mobile devices then the best key for this purpose is microlearning that provides the best short content to all.

Six inspiring microlearning examples

  1. Learning design masterclasses- a menu of short, focused topics

The microlearning masterclass menu is filled with advice, tips, or inspirational demos. This example of microlearning provides a collection of many relating topics that provide us access and help when or where we need them.

Is it works?

Yes, this example of microlearning working a lot.

  • The bite-sized topics are distinct and clear, and everyone can achieve the best specific outcome. It means that without wasting time, we can search or found the best and right information.
  • Every master class is about 2-3 minutes long, and getting this key information is not difficult as other tough tasks.
  • Each topic of this class, including theory about 20 seconds, demos in-depth 3-4, and some tips of experts.
  1. For skill development, microlearning

The theory is not enough when employees want to develop skills. So the interactive microlearning helps many employees who want to improve their previous level of skills. With this help, they also need more practical steps to understand if they want more action or keep practising on their job.

Why is this example working?

  • This approach of consistent design delivers content in little bursts about remote teams. It presented the top five tips on dedicated pages or focusing more on piratical steps.
  • These are not provided only tips to learners but also encouraged what tip will be beneficial for them.
  • So the learners that get knowledge from it can help us it into their new action plans.
  • It is helping employees to take ownership as to how they can develop more skills.
  1. On the job support

Learning is not separated from each job day. The fast short performance supports the resources we can use on our job to make more practical learning. So this example of microlearning illustrates how responsive or well designed digital resources we can put into practical performance support.

 Why this example works?

  • It provides the right practical content that employees or users need for their job.
  • The key information users can get through the help of formatting and images.
  • It has a very clear or easy structure, so finding out needed information is very easy now.
  1. Scrolling, what, why, how a page

This example of microlearning focuses on what needs to do all learners, why learners need to do it, and how a page can do what they want.

Why this example works?

  • When learners start training on the practical and simple process, a scrolling short page help them like what or why they can get their information.
  • It is a perfect scrolling design that shows all process only on one page.
  • All content is split into headings and visual sections.
  1. Use of microlearning or multimedia menus

Another example of microlearning that provides essential and quick tips is a menu that provides short topics in a skill area. So this interactive microlearning helps users in multimedia design can build skills for learning.

So through this approach of microlearning, users can see the video, audio content, or by following a single page, can concise more tricks and tips.

Why this example works?

  • This menu of this example provides a proper control on the learning path to all users.
  • The concrete examples we can get by using multimedia for every section that brings one topic into our life make it useful and engaging.
  • And the navigation menu is making it easier for us as by skipping various sections, we can come back to the beginning.
  1. For practical tasks, quick onboarding

New starter employees want a lot of for their role at the start of their work. So this example of microlearning provides them with a lot of focused or quick overviews. So in this onboarding microlearning, users can see a single scrolling page. And this page will provide them with quick key task and upskilling learners, which is a great way for all learners.

Why this example works?

  • The practical tasks are split into simple, clear steps, making it easier for all starters to get information quickly.
  • The checklists and video demonstration are providing learners with further support.
  • Or the page navigation makes more easy or simple for users to complete every section of this page.
  • And on a mobile device, to refer back to this, all content makes easy due to the scrolling design.

However, microlearning is the best approach for learners, but not always it will be the right approach because anything that we want to learn is not easy to learn or build up at a start. So we should also have some tips or advice that will help us learn quickly through these microlearning examples.

And a successful key for digital learning is that we should focus on our goals and create solutions to the problems we face. So if still, we have learning issues, we should visit other project planning sites or templates that will help t make our learning better.



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