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5 Best Customer Review Plugins For WordPress

Review Plugins For WordPress – Don’t you check the reviews and ratings of any product before buying it? You do, right. In-fact each one of us does. Checking reviews and ratings before choosing is a common practice to get assured about your choice. And with the privilege’s of sharing our thoughts with everyone on the internet, we all feel free to give our feedback about anything.

As users and businesses are moving on the digital platform, it is important to check weather the product or the service is genuine or not. It maybe a hotel, a policy, a movie or any other product, people are highly influenced by the reviews and ratings given to them before. Therefore, reviews and ratings have become a crucial part of online business.

Weather you are an entrepreneur or an industry giant, you should not overlook this essential feature and use it for brand awareness and customer service. Today, we will be looking at the top 5 customer rating and review plugins for WordPress that will help you boost your traffic and revenue. Let’s get started.

#1. WP Product Review

If you own an online store having a wide range of products, this plugin is the best for you. WP Product Review allows your customers to rate and review your products and services. This plugin is full of unique features and can be integrated with Amazon to use the affiliate links.

WP Product Review also comes with a wide range of customization tools which

can be used to adjust the review box as per your choice. Another unique feature of this plugin is that is can compare the reviews and show it in a comparison table. With WP Product Review, you can position reviews as per your choice and place the best ones on the top.

It also offers a free version that is WP Product Review Lite which has all the basic tools for collecting and sharing reviews. Anyone can come and review products on your website.

#2. WP Customer Review

This one is another free and open-source review plugin for accepting reviews from your customers on your website. You can integrate this plugin in two ways, firstly you can collect reviews from customers about your business and secondly you can integrate it on your product page and get reviews about your products.

Review Plugins For WordPress – WP Customer Review can be configured easily and has a simple dashboard to work with. You can accept or decline reviews from the dashboard. Also, this plugin can be customized as per your needs and you can display or hide any review you want to.

All the input fields can be customized and you can decide the number of reviews to be shown on the page. If you have just started your online business, this plugin is the best for you.

#3. WP Business Review

This plugin is a sure-shot review plugin which can help you to boost your traffic. Good things are never free and that’s the reason this plugin has a price tag of $99.50 per year inclusive of one site license and support.

It offers a wide range of features and outrank many other freely available plugins. Sadly, this plugin has no free version. If you are looking further to install this plugin, you must be aware of the benefits that it offers. Working with WP Business Review is quite easy as you just need to install it and connect your website with other platforms like Yelp, Facebook and Google.

Once done, it’s now over to WP Business Review as it fetches all the current or older reviews on these platforms. This way you can delete any negative review and write custom review for your website.

#4. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

If you are seeking a premium solution for your website, than you are at the right place. It come with a price of $28 and allows a variety of features. Customers can add a lots of photos or badges while reviewing your product.

This plugin can be customized easily as per your requirements. You can add or specify criteria to your customers to rate or review your product. Overall, you can get a wide range of customization options and unlimited templates if you are using this plugin.

#5. Google Reviews

A very different plugin which functions in a completely distinguished manner. Google Reviews does not let any customer write reviews about your website and extract all the business reviews and show it on your website. It is rather a widget and can be placed anywhere on your website.

Although it is free but if you can certainly upgrade to a business version that costs around $85 per year.

Reviews and ratings are crucial in building your brand image and increasing the traffic. So if you are looking to integrate a plugin, you can choose anyone of the above and install it on your website.

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