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12 Foods to Avoid When You’re On A Weight Loss Journey

Are you trying to lose weight but not losing? If you’re facing such a problem, then it’s time to watch your food plate. Every weight loss journey is different, but one common thing is food. Food plays a very crucial role in reducing weight and its sustainability.

If you really want to shed your extra pound, you must avoid certain foods and also need to manage portion size. A healthy diet with regular exercise and having food in small quantities is the mantra for losing weight

The weight loss journey requires dedication, passion, patience, and continuous efforts, and then nothing is impossible. So, start eating a healthful diet, cut off junk food, be physically active, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Also, when you’re trying to lose weight, you have to be watchful and the best way is to avoid calorie-dense foods.

In this article, we’ll discuss foods to avoid losing weight and enhance your overall health.

  1. Potato chips and fries

Eating whole potatoes is healthy and fulfilling but chips and fries not only harm your health but also prevent weight loss. They contain very high calories that lead to weight gain. Studies also found that they are linked to weight gain. Potato chips may contribute to gaining more weight rather than other food. So, be mindful while eating them.

  1. Junk Food

Junk foods like pizza, burgers, and samosa are extremely high in calories and contain unhealthy ingredients like highly refined flour and processed meat.

When you have a plan to reduce weight, you should completely avoid them either or you should try to make it at home using healthier ingredients and can eat a small portion sometimes to satiate your cravings.

  1. Sugary drinks

If you’re on a weight loss journey, avoid sugar-sweetened beverages, like soda, drinks, etc. They are the great enemy of your weight loss program. Instead of sugary drinks, prefer to drink plain water or lemon water, or simple juice. Soda is the unhealthiest food on the earth.

You might be thinking that soda or cold drinks are not solid food, what’s the harm to drinking, they harm because they have a lot of calories, and you won’t feel satisfied after consuming liquid sugar calories, and you won’t eat less food to make up for it.

If you’re serious about losing weight, completely stop drinking.

  1. White bread and pasta

White bread and pasta are nothing but refined flour food products that often contain a lot of added sugar. They are high on the glycemic index and spike your blood sugar too.

According to a study, two slices of white bread are associated with a 40% greater risk of weight gain and obesity. They can also cause other health problems.

Eat whole grains instead of refined flour food products.

  1. Candy and chocolate bars

You may keep a packet of candy bars or toffees in your bag, or whenever you want to put one inside your mouth thinking this, it is a small, tiny piece of candy or chocolate and doesn’t contribute to gaining weight, then you’re wrong. This tiny, small candy is so unhealthy. They are loaded with added sugar, added oils and refined flour in a small package.

Candy and chocolate bars are high in calories and low in nutrients. Even a medium-sized candy bar can have around 200–300 calories.

So prefer to eat nuts, seeds or dark chocolate for snacks in place of candy or chocolate bars.

  1. Fruit juices

Many people like to have fruit juices for breakfast in the morning. Many of us only drink fruit juice instead of eating something solid or wholesome and think it is healthy and controls weight gain. If you are one of them, then you should avoid drinking fruit juices, especially juices from outside or packed juices.

Most of the juices you get in the market have zero nutritional value and add lots of sugar. Also, fruit juices have no fiber that doesn’t give you the feeling of fullness like fruit. So, replace your fruit juice with whole fruit.

Eating whole fruit also helps to lose weight, and its fiber keeps you fuller for a long time.

  1. Baked foods

Cookies, pastries and cakes come under baked foods. They are premade desserts that are often high in added sugars, including fructose. These foods also contain artificial trans fats that are very harmful to your health. Trans fat may raise the risk of obesity.

So, next time, when you feel a craving for sweets, eat dark chocolate instead.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol has more calories than carbs and protein. It contains about 7 calories per gram. As our body burns alcohol before moving on to meals and other drinks, it slows down the body’s ability to burn fat. If you take alcohol in moderation it is okay but heavy drinking can increase weight gain.

  1. Ice cream

We love ice cream. It is incredibly yummy but unhealthy too. Contains high calories, and most types are loaded with sugar.

Every once in a while, a modest serving of ice cream is great, but the issue is that it’s incredibly simple to eat a lot of it all at once. Make your own ice cream at home with fruit and yogurt with full fat to use less sugar and healthier ingredients.

As a further precaution against overeating, serve yourself a small portion and put the ice cream away.

  1. Coffee

Coffee lovers should be aware of containing high calories, including caffeine. In short term, it can improve your metabolism and increase fat burning due to several active substances and caffeine but adding unhealthy ingredients such as artificial cream and sugar can turn positive effects into negative effects, thus weight gain.

Coffee beverages with a lot of calories aren’t much better than soda, in fact, they contain a load of empty calories that can replace a whole meal.

When trying to reduce weight, it’s better to stick to simple, black coffee if you prefer coffee. It’s acceptable to also add a little cream or milk.

Just stay away from adding sugar, calorie-dense creamers, and other damaging components.

  1. White rice

White rice has low fat but very little fiber and protein. A study says that white rice is linked with female adolescent obesity. White rice can produce a rise in blood sugar levels after consumption because of its high glycemic index.

Consume brown rice, quinoa and cauliflower rice to lose weight. These choices contain higher levels of dietary fiber, which may aid in making someone feel satiated for longer.

  1. Sweetened yogurts

Greek yogurt is healthy and helps in losing weight. It contains protein and bacterial cultures that may help with digestion. Avoid yogurts that are sweetened with honey or sugar whenever possible.

Yogurts without additional fat are especially likely to have sugars. Look for Greek yogurt without added sugar, and for taste, top it with fresh berries.

The weight loss journey is not easy, sometimes you feel discouraged but you can achieve your weight loss goal through patience, self-motivation and consistency. Also, follow the above list of 12 foods to avoid losing weight very quickly and lead a healthy life.

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