10 Ways To Boost Employee Health and Wellbeing in Business

A company’s biggest assets are its employees. So, investing in employee health and wellbeing will ultimately cement your company’s growth and long-term evolution.  According to Willis’s survey report, approximately 93% of the employers consider that healthy employees mean more efficiency and productivity. 

After the outbreak of Covid-19, health can no longer be kept at stake. So here are 10 surefire ways to boost employee health and wellbeing in 2021:

Provide a comfortable work environment

A healthy and comfortable work environment for employees ensures their wellbeing. It has now become essential to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace. The more comfortable your employees are, the more positive the workplace environment will be.

A great workpuls environment directly affects the productivity and efficiency level of the organisation. 

Reward and appreciate good work

Rewarding employees for their good performance will boost their confidence and make them feel valued in the workplace. 

Employee health and wellbeing does not necessarily mean heavy investments. Even appreciation and recognition in the workplace have a positive psychological influence on employees. 

You can appreciate your employee’s work in many ways. For example: offering monetary rewards based on their monthly or quarterly performance. Moreover, to ensure employee wellbeing, you can also get them insured. Hence, these activities give them a feeling of belongingness and being valued. As a result, it leads to improvement in their work efficiency.

Create an excellent senior-subordinate relationship

A good relationship between managers and their employees has a positive impact on business and the health of the workforce. Relationship management assures psychological and mental support, building a team of employees that respect each other, listen to new ideas, have open conversations, work together as a team and address issues early. 

Encourage them to achieve individual and business goals

Helping employees achieve their individual goals and business goals is key to encouraging their mental wellbeing in the workplace. Individual needs are the essential elements of Maslow’s theory of needs, which indirectly promote satisfaction and the opportunity to grow together with the organisation.

Employee Assistance Programs

Every organisation needs to hold sessions to understand why employee health is important. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps employees with the necessary counselling related to personal or workplace problems. Also, it includes reducing unnecessary distractions or stress and assuring mental and physical fitness. 

Employee fitness challenges

Individuals are competitive, and organisations can bridle that quality to help improve employee wellbeing. Also, employee wellness challenges allow groups of employees to contend with each other in a friendly climate. 

Hourly flash walks for employee health and wellbeing

Offering both physical and psychological health advantages, these flash walks urge all employees to get up and walk once an hour. Moreover, this motivates them with actual movement, reducing the measure of time spent sitting down.

Diet Coaching sessions and providing healthy food

Most employee sicknesses to which individuals are subject (diabetes, coronary illness, and so on) are diet-related. Additionally providing your employees with diet training can help them understand what the food and drinks they consume mean for their bodies.

Changing over to a solid menu over time in a cafeteria can likewise have a massive effect in spreading awareness on what is employee health and wellbeing? 

Understanding the importance of work-life balance

Research suggests that a human, on average, works for 40 hours per week in the workplace. This heavy workload can result in stress. Therefore, organisations should always encourage a balance between work and life, promoting employee health and wellbeing in the workplace.  This in turn also helps in maintaining proper cash flow in the business.

Planning a meeting outside the office or planning a social event. Moreover, employees can interact with each other and form a bond are some ways to promote work-life balance. 

Introduce the concept of mindfulness 

Mindfulness is simply a type of meditation that urges one to focus on the present moment of life. Also, meditation assures mental stability and contributes to physical fitness. So it leads to improving employee health and wellbeing at work. 

Employee healthcare and wellbeing should be a major part of the company’s investment in its employees. Employees working for an organisation that acknowledges its responsibility to employee wellbeing are considerably more loyal, building their brand image and value in the market. 

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