10 brands of Women’s sunglasses

For ladies, sunglasses are a fashionable and useful accessory. In addition to reflecting a woman’s fashionable persona, sunglasses are the finest defence against the brutal Indian summer heat.

The height of style is a set of the newest sunglasses. Because there are so many well-known brands that sell sunglasses, making the ideal choice could be difficult. When analysing a brand, it is typically a good idea to take your preferences into account. Additionally, it is wise to buy in a reputable business that offers high-quality products.

Making it unique for you


The top 10 sunglasses for Indian women are listed below which are available on Shade Station in no particular order:

1. Ray-Ban.

This brand doesn’t need an introduction; it is a true innovator in the sunglasses industry.  If you want stylish, high-quality eyewear, Ray-Ban sunglasses are the best option for you.

2. Oakley Women adore Oakley sunglasses;

it is a well-known firm well known for its sports eyewear. For ladies who lead busy, fast-paced lives, Oakley sunglasses combine fashion with athletics. These sunglasses, which come in a variety of styles from delicate teardrop shapes to large wrap frames, are a must for Indian women who lead active lifestyles.

3. Vogue –

As its name suggests, Vogue eyewear is designed with the most recent trends in mind. These sunglasses are straightforward yet stylish and come in a range of shapes and patterns.

4. Tommy Hilfiger –

If you enjoy high-street fashion, Tommy Hilfiger is the best option for you. The Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses are designed for both young and young-at-heart individuals. The women’s line is elegant and alluring, making it ideal for the young fashionistas in India.

5. Carrera

The Carrera glasses for women are constantly in high demand because of their characteristic bold, elegant, yet conventional forms. The Carrera eyewear comes in a variety of shapes, including aviators, wayfarers, and ovals. Without a doubt, they are the perfect addition to a beautiful personality.

6. Marc

by Marc Jacobs is a clothing line that was started by renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs. The retro-inspired designs of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, along with a touch of Jacob’s wacky personality, are their best qualities.

7. Boss

Orange is a line of classy, cool glasses from the well-known Hugo Boss company. These fashionable glasses combine fashion with comfort. The Boss Orange sunglasses combine fashion with functionality.

8. IDEE –

If you want a pair of trendy spectacles, IDEE is the brand to choose. These are really fashionable and have started a pretty fantastic trend. The stylish young women of India will also love these sunglasses.

9. John Jacobs –

With sunglasses that are intelligent, fashionable, and convenient, there is a pair of John Jacobs for any need. Bring out your inner diva in a chic pair of glasses from John Jacobs.

10. Fastrack

Fastrack is a well-known brand among young people in India and is created by the Titan corporation. It offers an enormous assortment of stylish glasses at incredibly low prices. The styles of Fastrack sunglasses range from contemporary to elegant to sporty to feminine. If you’re a college-bound lady who enjoys showcasing the newest accessory trends, Fastrack is the company for you.

Nowadays, failing to use eye protection is illegal. A pair of sunglasses is a modern Indian woman’s must-have accessory. Unquestionably, a pair of sunglasses will up your fashion game. To enhance your sense of style, invest in a stylish pair of sunglasses. Quality and style are ultimately the most crucial factors.

How to describe rectangular sunglasses


Have you ever thought about relaxing or enjoying a beach sunbath? It can be a good idea to wear glasses. However, selecting eyewear can be challenging. For instance, rectangle sunglasses are one of the most sought-after goods available. What makes them so appealing to so many wearers, then? This is principally and intimately connected to their traits and quirks.

In order to make wearers’ features appear noticeably more slim, the forms of their spectacles must contrast with their faces. Rectangle-shaped eyewear is therefore excellent for people with round faces because it can make the wearers’ faces appear more slender and natural.

Wearers’ features appear noticeably

The rimless, semi-rimless, and full rimmed frame styles are the most popular for rectangle sunglasses. The first two series are significantly more recent than the full rimmed series because nearly all conventional sunglasses have complete rims. However, some designers think they may considerably save expenses while still producing more aesthetically pleasing designs by adopting rimless and semi-rimless frames. Rectangular sunglasses with no rim or a semi-rim are becoming more and more common among trendy people.

Even in decorative products like glasses, colour is one property that almost always persists in things.

The ongoing demand for these glasses has led to an increase in the number of manufacturers in this industry. There are many different brands of rectangle sunglasses on the market, whether they are high-end or low-end.

Rectangular glasses are available from optical shops, drugstores, online retailers, and other places.

Sunglasses for Men and Women

Using this tool, determine your face shape and the appropriate sunglasses for you.

Soft angles that taper gently from the forehead to the chin characterise an oval face, which frequently has high cheekbones. The fortunate few with oval faces look nice in every setting!

Frames: Stay away from big frames and wear sunglasses that cover your cheekbones to your eyebrows. Square faces have about the same-sized cheekbones, forehead, and jawline.

Sharp edges can be softerened by using round or oval frames, such as aviator or butterfly forms. A round face is one that is equal in length and width, with broad cheeks and softer angles.

Wear angular frames to assist lengthen the face and give it the appearance of being thinner and sharper. For circular faces, the rectangle, square, wrap, and shield forms are ideal. A face that noticeably narrows from the temples to the chin is called a “heart face.”

Wide lower margins draw the eye downward and lengthen the face in frames. Try out aviators, cat-eye, or other round shapes. An oblong face is one that lacks angles and is long and narrow. Large, rectangular, and thick frames offer width while bringing attention to the delicate characteristics with aggressive angles.

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