Yard signs for your kid’s birthday parties

The best creative way to celebrate your kid’s birthday is to buy a yard sign for their birthday. You really want to make sure that you get the kid’s name or any special message on this sign in full color if its at all possible (they will always remember it ). You don’t have to get a big sign but the smaller signs are always more personalized. If your child is huge into animals then maybe you tell them that it’s for Milo Wolf or Teddy Bear Park and not just ‘Milo’ birthday party. Put as much of your time, money, and effort as possible into this as you would out of any major holiday when making every aspect perfect. But even with all this hard work putting together unique yard signage can add years to your child’s birthday party.


Maker This event special for your kids

I can not stress or worry enough on how important this event is for a successful kids birthday event, so get into it! There are millions of related birthday party decorations on the internet, and I would venture to guess that you can get an incredibly reasonable price. But even if they’re expensive or not easy purchases, don’t be cheap with it, there are many yard sign suppliers on the internet that are selling them at reasonable wholesale prices. The important thing is the sign itself so spend a little money and end up having your child’s next birthday tied in with one special event!


Buy an amazing looking cake with a picture of your kid’s favorite cartoon character

Cake pictures have made an amazing comeback in the last couple of years. As delicious as a brownie without icing is, most kids love to see their face on their birthday cake (though I think about half of them are too embarrassed to show it.)

This makes for some really cute birthday party ideas with your child’s favorite characters from TV and cartoons like Peter Pan if you purchase this kind of image directly from Disney or one that someone would make up just for you like Yo Gabba-Gabba.


My real story

I have to tell this story at least once and it’s the easiest birthday party idea around! My 2-year-old son really wanted Hot Wheels cake after he ate his newly shaped ice cream cone shape. I think to myself, “I bet I can make a huge version of this Hot Wheels cake the day before the party and then have it delivered to his house on time!” The whole thing cost nothing more than money for my son’s favorite colored icing, so if you’re going to remain within budget try that method first.


Cakes are best made with purchased supplies too!

Get your children involved in decorating up their own Mini-Cornhole Board and Cornball Jars with sandpaper, a wide variety of geometrical shapes and colors to decorate them.

Again I’m sure this doesn’t apply to everyone but it’s an easier birthday party idea than picking out another cake that will get eaten quickly (a box mix never lasts long at our house.) You can even attempt these ideas without purchasing the supplies but there are some things you’ll have to do yourself: If you do use plastic then leave off the piping bag and make the sandwiches yourself with icing or cut them out of thicker cardboard.


Involve your children as well

If you have a fondant-made cake then to save time, just have your children write their names on rainbow stickers then place it in front of some glittery paint dropped onto paper that they can drop into the vase they’ve already placed sugar cookies into. Piece of cake too!

Make these up quickly at home but don’t forget to get the supplies (in this case glitter and you’ll need flats and circles to pour over it) because they can quickly disappear or go bad!


Go Crazy with your kids

It’s all about going ho-hum on dinner when kids are around. In one day I spent $3 on meat/wraps to use leftover potatoes, yams, or carrots overnight in my Crock-Pot. We didn’t throw away a thing but by using bread Crumbs instead of cake crumbs, we used it all up filling a hamburger bun and rice Krispies too. Whether you’re making something like this or even with sandwiches, you can make some things in advance so that when your children ask for snacks will have saved money off their birthday cost as well!


Creative Ideas

Another quick idea is Sticky Bread with Sugar Cookies, giving everyone the chance to eat one slice before moving on to another snack (because these aren’t items to be stored well).

It’s all about picking things you usually throw away and being creative with making them last. That said, I love kids so most of this is the best idea ever except for those wonton wrappers (yum!) There are a lot of ideas like these that can quickly turn into free money-saving family dinners used more than their birthday we’ve done time and time again!

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