Why are virtual events better than in person events?

As social distancing is the new normal, gathering in public is prohibited. After the cancelation of in-person events, virtual events have become the second-best option for event planners to repurpose their events.

Virtual event platform has given us many advantages, including the possibility to widen our reach across the world and initiate a huge amount of data on prospects that in-person events couldn’t provide us.  No doubt, virtual events don’t have the same look and feel as a live physical event and it’s somewhere true that only a ‘real world’ offers ‘the real thing’. But even a virtual event can deliver a meaningful, worth a while experience if you choose the right online equivalents.

Here we have mentioned a few reasons why virtual events are better than in-person ones. Let’s have a look at it!

What is a virtual event?

Virtual or online events are the same as in-person events except they are conducted over a digital space with the help of a web-based solution. You can attend or host any event seamlessly from any part of the world. Hence, many event organizers are pivoting to more and more virtual events as it is easy to use and set up, you can customize your event according to your requirements, network with people which was once impossible, and much more!

Why host a virtual event?

Virtual events provide the same motive as in-person events. Virtual events allow people to gather in one frame to engage and interact with their potential clients.  Today, event planners and organizations have been exploring their options between physical, virtual, and hybrid events. All three categories come with their own set of pros and cons. Hosting your event in a virtual environment enables you to –

– Incorporate those attendees who are unable to attend your in-person events.

– save a lot of money as there is no venue to book, no travel tickets to book, no food to serve at the physical venue, and so on!

– seamlessly conduct your event even after extreme weather conditions, travel bans or any other calamities.

Advantages of choosing virtual events over in-person events

  1. More attendees can attend your event

Virtual events eliminate all the geographical restrictions, making it feasible for attendees to take part in your event no matter where they are located. Before covid-19 when we used to host our event at a physical venue, attendance was limited as the space of the venue was limited. But virtual events enabled us to host events with zero attendance constraints. You can invite as many people as you want hassle-free to expand your reach and build powerful connections throughout!

  1. Extreme cost saviour

Heading to an in-person event means you have to travel to a remote location, or if you are hosting an event, you have to book the traveling tickets, hotel, food & drinks, entertainment resources, and much more. Taking your event at a virtual platform stamp out all the financial hurdles. Attendees can connect with you in just a few clicks, engage with other participants, and all this with one platform.

  1. Virtual events are a perfect use of time

We all know that time is the replica of money. Ever since the demand for virtual event platforms taking place all over the world, visitors can now attend any meeting or conference from the comfort of their own space. No more wasting time on traveling, just simply log in for your interesting sessions and continue enhancing your virtual experience throughout!

  1. Lower ticketing price

Putting on a high-quality online event takes time and money. However, some of the organizing expenses can be minimized or even eliminated from the spreadsheet. Is it possible to rent a location? Exclude that from the equation. Travel and lodging prices? Yes, for you as well as the keynote speakers. Other administrative expenses, such as staging, illumination, a/v hire, catering, surveillance, and so on, could be unnecessary depending on your event. Of course, the simulated event will have its own set of production requirements, but there should be the option – if you like it – to sell tickets at a cheaper price than before.

  1. Virtual events can be less profound

A live conference can be exhausting. For some days, it can be full blast. For an online gathering, you can spread out your schedule over a longer period of time. It may be a whole week, without requiring participants to devote hours upon hours of screen time to your event.

  1. Better networking results

It is almost impossible to meet like-minded people at a physical event without actually knowing each other. You also might have to wait a long to get in touch with the speaker to hold a crucial discussion. virtual events, you can connect and network with other participants, know their ideology, schedule meetings with speakers or exhibitors to have a group or 1:1 discussions, and that too according to your time availability. Virtual events open a pile of opportunities at your doorstep.

  1. Quick and easy revenue generation

Digital trade shows and conferences, like actual trade shows and conferences, will help you generate new revenue. Speaker slots, funding, interactive show stands, speed-meeting events, and other methods may be used to raise awareness. Digital events have the advantage of being based on digital evidence. Rather than scanning certificates, gathering business cards, or manually inputting information from paper forms, a virtual event will provide all of the information in a timely and helpful manner, allowing you to follow up faster, create a backlog, and transform business. Furthermore, you might have access to more information than just their name, work description, and business – such as which seminars they attended.

Over to you

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, virtual events are here to stay and are surely increasing the pivotal roles to play in our lives. You can host endless events with just one virtual events platform. This enhances your networking format, enables attendees to navigate easily through different auditoriums. enables hosts to generate instant feedback, and curates interactions seamlessly. Today, the event industry has seen an exponential rise, and why not? It has made our lives much easier and convenient. We hope this article becomes a great resource for your future successful events!



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