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What Does It Take To Be an Egg Donor?

Do you have what it takes to be an egg donor? While there is no shortage of community-specific advertisements like those stating the need for Asian egg donors and Jewish egg donors, or those looking for a particular physical attribute, you might not necessarily be the right candidate even when you meet the highlighted criteria.

Here are 6 of the most looked for characteristics in an ideal egg donor.

If you are a young woman who is feeling inspired to help a couple start their beautiful journey into parenthood, you must understand how suitable you are for this great opportunity.

Your Mental and Physical Fitness

When a donor clinic is on the lookout for a suitable egg donor, they ensure that they have someone who has a good record of mental and physical health.

A Suitable Donor Should Have The Following Qualities: –


There’s a reason why tobacco packets mention that they are harmful to health. Scientifically, tobacco ruins the reproductive system, especially in women. Your lifestyle choices are your decision, but for an egg donor, the habit of smoking is a major red flag.

Family Medical History

If your family’s medical history shows multiple instances of congenital issues, cancer, diabetes, etc. there is a high chance your candidacy to be a donor will be challenged.

Right Age Limit

While many agencies take in eggs from women as young as eighteen years of age, the correct age limit for egg donors is twenty-one to twenty-nine.

Your Personality

While being an Asian egg donor or a beautiful woman can take you one step closer, it will not seal the deal if you have an overbearing or dull personality. Your personality is crucial as it hints at the behavior of the child that will be born. Agencies and intended parents prefer working with pleasant individuals who’ll make the entire process easy and comparatively stress-free.

You are Generous and Spirited.

Egg donation is not only about financial rewards. It is a grand gesture of personal generosity. Like any other medical procedure, egg donation comes with side-effects. Agencies look for young women who understand the risks and choose to be a part of the process voluntarily.

You are Strong

Strength in body and mind is imperative for the ideal donor. You have to be one tough cookie to go through stages involving quite a few needle pricks, medication, and blood draws.

Now that we have covered the necessary attributes, let’s move on to unique factors that can be helpful in your journey to become an egg donor:

Your Schedule is Flexible

Of course, no one is expecting you to be free twenty-four by seven! But there might be instances when an agency’s schedule might conflict with your routine of work, school, or similar activities.

To take out time from your schedule demands a bit of patience and flexibility on your part.

You are Part of The High-in-demand Donor Category.

The reason this point is mentioned last is that while this may make you a probable candidate for donation, it will not guarantee your role as a donor if all the previous requirements are not met.

There is a high demand for Asian egg donors, young East Indians, and Jewish women in recent times. As there are unequal demand and supply in these ethnicities, the compensation offered is also high.

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