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The latest kitchen trends in 2022

No matter where you live, may it be a small apartment, a huge mansion or a cute studio apartment, chances are that you have thought about upgrading your kitchen. After all, it is the place where the best things come from! It is where you prepare meals for your family, entertain your friends and steal a piece of everyone’s heart with your lovely desserts. It may also be the space where you try on new recipes as you WFH or even have a small spot on the counter where you may work from. So if you are anything like we just discussed, it would be worth going through the following few points as you begin your kitchen renovations for 2022. The latest trends, colour pallets or even smart gadgets are what we have explored and got out the best points to make your kitchen look smart and up-to-date. 

Goodbye white

This year 2022 say goodbye to white cabinets and usher into an all-new color pallet. Whether it’s a custom kitchen design or a ready-to-install, bold tones mixed with neutral shades will see a trending scheme for all kitchen renovations. While you might decide to still choose neutral cabinets and not take a risk with the colors, choose a bird or scenery that you vibe to. For example, a peacock, a sunset or the beach. Then try to find some tones that resemble the best image you have in your head. This will not just make you feel calm and relaxed about space but also have a modern trend that will leave the jaws dropped of all those who enter. 

New materials

If the above trend still gets you feeling uncomfortable you can still go ahead and make a statement with some vivid textures. Wooden or abstract textures can make your kitchen a more fun place and not something too technical. Similarly, marble, granite, etc can be incorporated as countertop materials to give a polished look and feel overall. These are usually pretty straightforward upgrades and do not cost heavy on the pocket either. 

However, it is also important to use high-quality, moisture and termite-resistant wood for long-lasting furniture in your kitchen. This is especially necessary if you have a house in Goa. Knowing that the weather is humid for most of the year, choosing the best modular furniture manufacturers in Goa can help you stay out of worries. Go for the modular kitchen cabinet manufacturers who don’t just build kitchens but turn your vision and ideas into reality. 

Use subtle tiles for kitchen renovations

As trends changed over the years, tiles went completely out. However, 2022 is seeing its return. Adding a pop through tiles is always a great idea. Not just that, it is also easy to clean and can protect your walls from oil stains or splashes. What is even great is, you can always make a mix and match that best suits your vibe. However, besides choosing the most suitable pattern, it is also important to select the best quality in tiles. Make sure you’re getting nothing but the best for your home. 

Modular kitchens

Do you want to match your kitchen with the 21st century? Update it with the latest technology and set a new trend this year. Switching to electronics over gas and adding an induction system might be a smart idea. Induction cooking is also considered to be a safer option and causes lesser pollution. A great way to upgrade your home and reduce your carbon footprint. 

However, it is not wrong to set your own trend. You can have a traditional look for your kitchen in your old Goan Portuguese house. Many opt for a layout similar to the traditional kitchen in Goa and have blended with modern appliances. Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Hence, it is necessary that you design it in a way that best suits your personality. 

Focus on minor details for kitchen renovations

While vivid textures, color pops and modern technology might transform your kitchen into the best place in the house, it is always about the minor details that give that WOW factor to a space. For example, proper placement of your plug points, your hanging spots for pots and pans, and thoughtful arrangement of crockery. Keeping these finishing details neutral will enhance the look of your kitchen and make it cozy and inviting. Additionally, if you want to add some color to the dining room, use vibrant dinnerware or dish towels. 


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