The 5 Times Buying Custom Engraved Glasses Is a No-Brainer

Toasting a special event or anniversary is a tradition that connects people together. Raise a glass to commemorate a moment in someone’s life. For example, a graduation, a wedding, or the end of a military tour. Make that moment even more unique with custom engraved glasses. Consider a set of glasses engraved with the monogram of each of your groomsmen. Alternatively, try a set of glasses with your family name for a wedding. The options are endless. Here are some of the times you might want to have custom engraved glasses.

Engraved Glasses for Your New Promotion

Celebrate a promotion with new glasses for your home bar. Reward yourself for a job well done with engraved glasses that feature your monogram. On the other hand, if you are moving into a management position, go for the company logo. Find a brand that uses a deep carving technique that leaves a shadow thanks to the raised engraving. The depth adds a refined quality that laser or rotary engraving techniques can’t match. Now it’s time to break out one a high-quality bottle of your favorite gin, whiskey, or vodka.

Celebrate a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party with Engraved Glasses

Celebrate your wedding party on your special day with custom gifts. Get your bridesmaids and groomsmen glasses etched with their names. They make for great gifts at bachelor and bachelorette parties. You could also consider a monogram, their names, or an image. Something that shows a part they played in your wedding, for example. A high-quality engraving on a glass is stunning, making for a lovely gift.

Commemorate an Anniversary with Custom Glasses

Have you reached a milestone anniversary? It could be 10 or 15 years. Or, for instance, the 3rd wedding anniversary is crystal or glass. Celebrate your anniversary with glasses etched with your family name. Or, you could use a custom image. The right brand can etch an image of you and your spouse onto a glass. Add your anniversary year number, as well! It is a high-quality, timeless gift that can add a level of refinement to your home bar.

Toast Graduation with Personalized Glasses

Toast a graduate in glasses etched with their college and graduating year. They worked hard and deserve to be recognized. Therefore, you should mark their accomplishment with an excellent gift. Next, add the grad’s favorite cocktail or a finger of their favorite whiskey. It’s a way they can start bringing elegance to their home bar. After dorm living, especially, they will appreciate something high-quality.

Greet the End of a Military Tour with Raised Glasses

The end of a military tour is often a momentous occasion for families. A great way to celebrate a family member coming home is with glasses etched with their military branch. Alternatively, go with their name or the rank they achieved. It’s a way that veterans can show pride in their service. Additionally, they’re a great way to celebrate coming home to family and friends.

About Crystal Imagery

Crystal Imagery started with a hobby. Eric Schuchart started a fun side project in 2000. He made custom engraved glasses for friends and family as gifts. Luckily, they loved everything he made. Skip forward to 2013, and he was joined by Sherri Blum, a noted interior designer to celebrities. Together, they created Crystal Imagery. Crystal Imagery uses a deep-carving technique. This creates a unique engraving in the glass, adding a shadow and depth you can feel. Importantly, typical laser and rotary surface etchings can’t replicate the results. Crystal Imagery offers personalized whiskey glasses, Glencairn glasses, highball glasses, and more glassware. In short, add a touch of refinement to your home bar with personalized glassware from Crystal Imagery.

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