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Steps to Take After a Construction Site Accident

A worker meet with an accident at construction site

Construction sites are dangerous and so it is not surprising that construction workers may have to face work injuries that can cause disabilities or even death! As compared to other industries, the fatal rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average.

If you or a loved one who may have been injured or someone who even passed away in a construction site accident is entitled to receive compensation through a lawsuit or worker’s compensation.

If you are employed with a company and not working as an independent contractor, your employer will carry the worker’s compensation insurance coverage. That insurance will pay the benefits for the lost income and medical costs. There are several factors included like the severity and permanence of the injuries, etc. If your employer is a non-subscriber, you can file a lawsuit for receiving compensation for your losses.

The attorneys in Knoxville, TN offer consultations to examine the circumstances of your case. They determine the best ways on how to proceed to keep in mind the laws of the state.

Protecting yourself after the construction site accident 

When you or your loved ones have suffered from a catastrophic construction site accident, taking the proper steps is very important to secure the safety of the injured and also protecting his legal rights. Because the injury occurred at work as a result of work duties, the injured is entitled to receive the worker’s compensation benefits. But, to obtain the benefits that will cover the medical costs and your time away from work, it is important you take certain steps carefully with the help of a workers compensation attorney.

To guarantee your well-being and claim viability, you should consider the following steps –  

Get medical attention 

The most important step you need to follow after a work injury is to seek medical attention and treat the damage. Even if the injury is minor, you must go to a medical professional to diagnose and treat the injury before you return to work. A minor bump on your head could be masking a concussion or even a bruised abdomen may be a sign of any internal injuries. You must be careful and take note of where, how, and when the accident has occurred. If the victim is physically capable, he must record the significant details of the accidents which include the potential cause, time, and date. These records will late on be used as shreds of evidence.   

Reporting the injury 

A lot of workers fail to report their injuries because of the fear of losing their job or their immigration status. And sometimes companies do not want them to report as it highlights their poor safety practices. It is very important that you report the accident to whosoever is in charge or to your supervisor. When you report about everything that happened, it will ensure that you have the documentation of the accident. You can also expose any unsafe work practices going on in the company to avoid any future injuries or mishaps. You should also make a note of the person accepting that report and the date you are submitting it. This is an important step for future legal action on your case. 

Your employer will also ask you to complete some extra forms related to the workers’ compensation. It is always good to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer before signing any forms or accepting the settlement.

Gathering witnesses who can give details about the construction site incident 

The injured person must gather the contact information of the bystanders who may have seen or witnessed the incident. To use it later as evidence, you can record a summary of whatever happened and update the same as per the worker’s compensation law.

Preserving the accident shreds of evidence and using them later when needed 

You can let someone take images of the injuries of the victim and also the location where the accident occurred. If any tools or equipment were involved, pictures of them must be clicked too. You must try and preserve as many shreds of evidence as possible in order to use them when the time comes.

Keeping the medical reports, documents, and images 

Construction accidents are very serious. You may need continuous medical care, treatments, and medications after the incident. These medical tests and ongoing expenses keep adding up and if you are not able to work, the emotional stress of the medical bills piling up can take a toll on your health. You must keep all your medical bills and records safely and keep track of them. These documents must have your name, your doctor’s name, dates of service, and all the prescribed medicines. You are entitled to the worker’s compensation and benefits for the medical care, losses, sufferings, lost wages, and more. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will evaluate your claim and help you understand the rights and what will be the best part going forward.

Get the legal help and contact an experienced workers compensation attorney 

Having experienced attorneys in Knoxville TN by your side from the beginning will save you from costly mistakes. Even though you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits, you must be aware that these insurance companies are only out there for profits and often try to deny your claim or pay you as little as possible. If such is a case with you, your attorney can help you in the following ways –

Thus, these legal representations will help you build and streamline your claim.

Filing a lawsuit after the injury at the construction site 

If your employer has not subscribed to the workers’ compensation or if there is a fault of a third-party non-employer because of his negligence, you can get the compensation by filing a lawsuit. While the workers’ compensation will cover your medical expenses and lost wages, attorneys in Knoxville, TN will bring you extra benefits that will include –

The Bottom line 

Workers’ compensation law procedures and personal injury claims are very complex. There are also time limits that apply; hence it is wise to work with attorneys in Knoxville, TN with regards to any after-work-related injury.

Are you looking for a “workers compensation lawyer near me?” Contact attorneys in Knoxville, TN today for any workplace injury consultation.

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