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How to draw a Sunflower step-by-step realistic

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How to Draw a Flower Step by Step

This tutorial shows a simple easy  way to draw a sunflower. It includes a complete of 9 steps with illustrated examples and fast drawing tips.

Sunflower drawing step by step


You can see a preview of the drawing steps within the example on top of it.

The focus of this tutorial is on making an easy however at identical time serious trying drawing which will bring a pleasant portfolio item.

Drawing one thing like this could be notable for beginners because it doesn’t need complicated shading and might be fairly forgiving of mistakes. But it’s still sensible to follow to begin in pencil associate create light-weight lines that you just will simply erase. You’ll darken your lines afterward by tracing over them.

Step one – Draw the middle of the flower

Begin to draw a sunflower by outlining the middle part of the flower by drawing a circle. Make certain to position it in an exceedingly means wherever you continue to have some space for the petals on top of and many of space for the stem and leaves below. Next, draw a second smaller circle within the primary one.

These circles oughtn’t to be excellent in form however try to not have them too crooked either.

Step two – Draw the Foreground Petals

Around the center, a part of the flower begins adding the petals. You’ll create the shapes of those somewhat random however usually they ought to be narrower close to the bottom, wider towards the center. Then once more get narrower towards the guidelines. You’ll additionally draw a number of them overlapping each other and a number of ways apart.

The easy factor regarding draw a sunflower initial set of petals is that you just don’t need to worry if the combined form of that appearance somewhat uneven. you’ll tweak things within the next step.

Step three – Draw the Background Petals

Sticking out from behind the primary set of petals you’ll attract a second set. Use these to fill any gaps and to balance out the general form of the flower.

Step four – Draw the Stem

For this fast step draw the stem with a lightweight curve and create it slightly thicker towards all-time low and agent towards the highest.

Step five – Draw the Leaves

Draw a sunflower leaves square measure formed somewhat sort of a heart. During this case, they’re going to even be viewed from an associate angle. To indicate this draw them, agent, then you’d if you were trying directly at the highest or bottom of the leaf.

The leaf within the front is facing slightly towards the viewer. The leaf within the back is facing away and its base is partly hidden behind the stem.

Step six – define the Organic form of the middle

Now provide the middle of the flower a lot of uneven form by going over the 2 circles drawn earlier with a “bumpy” line.

This will provide the flower a lot of natural/organic look.

Step seven – Draw the Petals Folds

Add some folds to the petals by drawing several wavy lines at their base. The number of folds for every flower petal will be somewhat random however usually one to a few lines ought to be enough.


Step eight – Add the Leaf Veins & end the road Drawing

Running on the leaves draws several veins. you are doing not ought to draw loads of those however instead only enough to relinquish a touch of them being there.

Once done adding the veins you’ll trace over your entire drawing with darker pencil lines.

Step nine – Add Some Shading & end the flower Drawing

To make the flower stand out a touch over an obvious drawing you’ll provide is simply a touch of shading.

Fill in its center (where the seeds are) with dark gray and also the rim around that with a lighter gray. You can also see my tutorial on how to draw bird easily.

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