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How much to tip cleaning lady at home

How much to tip cleaning lady at home

How much to tip cleaning lady at home. The majority of the mileurista population has a domestic employee hired partially or by the hour. Low prices and the new way of life have made this a distinctive feature of the middle class

If you don’t have a home cleaner hired, you surely know more than one person in your environment who does. What a few years ago was a luxury only reserved for the upper classes, today it has spread to the majority of society . Currently it is not necessary to have large amounts of financial resources to have a home cleaning service. Or, if you don’t have enough money, you save so you can get rid of this boring task.

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Since 1990, according to this report by the Ioé Collective , prepared by sociologists, the profiles that hire the most domestic staff services in our country are high-income households – as a sign of status and for comfort. And urban households. In which the owners have an economic activity outside the home, so that the person hired works as a housewife. This last case is the one that interests us, since it is the one that has increased exponentially in recent decades. The middle class is no longer deprived of having a sparkling clean house, because You don’t have to be rich to hire hourly or part-time maids.

Home Service company

A study by the home services company Helpling proves this. The report, prepared in 2015, reveals that the majority of citizens claim to have a cleaning service or have required it on some occasion. The dossier also indicates that prices are affordable for mileurista salaries : 40% of those surveyed pay their domestic worker between 10 and 12 euros per hour , while 13.8% do so with less than 8 euros and 2 .7% remunerate it with more than 15 euros. Among the reasons for having hired domestic employees, 39.9% acknowledge having done so to ” enjoy their free time to the fullest “, 25.4% due to “lack of time” to do household chores, and 8 .1% because they ” hate cleaning “. As for those who request this service occasionally, 18.1% say they have done so for a special occasion and 9.7% after moving .

The middle class does not want to clean

The middle class no longer wants to waste time cleaning. In the 21st century every second counts. We want everything, the best, and we want it now. According to the data on cleaning habits collected by the INE, Spaniards spend more than two hours a day cleaning the home. In this way, we have become the Europeans who invest the most time in this task.

Added to the lack of time and the lack of desire to spend it on the mocho are the facilities offered by the new home cleaning companies. It is no longer necessary to ask your neighbor or your co-worker for someone you trust to hire him. It is always a bit of a rush to get someone unknown into your house. Currently there are dozens of companies dedicated to this work that we can contract with a single call or through our ‘smartphone’. Some of them are Velvethut , Interdomicilio Madrid or Clintu . These are just a few examples that show how the target audience for these services has changed. On the pages we can see rates, promotions or discount coupons, and all with affordable prices for middle-class pockets (about 10 euros/hour)

Some students who have just moved to the capital to pursue their studies tell us that what they invest in cleaning service is the best money spent. “I’m looking forward to Thursdays because my roommate is super messy. Besides, we don’t have time or desire to clean, why lie to you,” says the 22-year-old from Toledo. “We have hired a woman who comes every Thursday , about three hours. But if she needs to stay longer, we don’t care. It’s worth it.”

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