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file for accident at work claim while being in the hospital easily


What is an accident at work claim?

If you get injured or become ill as a consequence of your work, you may need to take the time off for treatment or recovery. If you do this, many people ask whether or not they will get paid for this time. There are two ways you can revive earnings during this time.

The first of these is statutory sick pay or SSP. The amount of sick pay you will be authorised will depend on your company’s sick pay plan. You may only be authorised to SSP, currently £89.35 for up to 28 weeks. Your company may also add this up with further sickness benefits or payments. However, not all workers are entitled to this.

Secondly, you may be worthy to make an accident at work claims for loss of earnings in your compensation claim. Whether or not you have earned SSP will be taken into the record for any loss of earnings compensation you are given. The Citizens Advice Bureau has a calculator to help you work out what sick pay you might be qualified to. If you have experienced the loss of earnings due to your accident at work, talk to a personal injury solicitor today.

Having reports of your accident will be useful if you make an accident at work claim for damages or you need to claim benefits, including Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

How you can file a claim being in the hospital?

Accident at work can be severe. These accidents can put you in the hospital for a long time. In this case, you might not be able to file an injury at work claim on your own. You need to have someone to help you. Someone who is expert in this. There are a lot of online firms who give these services. You can take help from these service providers. They will do the following for you:

Your accident at work claim also depends on :

where you were working when you experienced an accident at work that is your employment status. This means whether you’re an employee, a worker or self-employed.

You can verify your employment state on GOV.UK. 

Recording your accident in an accident book

If the company or organisation you reported your accident to has more than 10 employees, they must record it in an accident book. It’s a good idea to make sure it’s been done – you can ask your manager to check.

Smaller organisations might still have an accident book, so it’s worth asking if your accident can be recorded.

If there isn’t an accident book, write down details of the accident and send it to your manager or the person you report to. Keep a copy for yourself.

Check your contract to find out if your employer has to give you paid time off for your appointment – read more about time off work to visit the doctor.

Getting pay and benefits if you can’t work

Check your contract of employment to see if:

you can get ‘contractual sick pay’ from your employer. you have access to an employee assistance helpline or medical care.

If you’re an employee or a worker, you should make sure your employer knows about your accident. The best person to tell is probably your manager – check your staff handbook or intranet if you’re not sure. If you’re self-employed, you have to report your accident to the Health and Safety Executive if it happened while you were working on your own premises.

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