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Easy process to make a refund request

The user can run lots of apps for free. But there are several apps and services which require a premium license. The user has to get the license and use the app. In many apps, basic tools are free but for advance service, you can purchase a subscription.

When the subscription expires, you have to renew it. Some apps have the auto-renewal service which renews the license automatically. Your subscription will renew every time until you disable it manually. In case, your subscription is renewed but you don’t need the services then you can request a refund. 

Cancelling the auto-renewed plan from the dashboard 

If you have the application installed on the system then you can directly cancel the subscription. 

  1. Go to the app
  2. On the dashboard, click on the subscription
  3. Click on Cancel and the refund window will appear

Now tap on the refund and choose the confirm option. After requesting a refund, the auto-renewed subscription will expire. You can’t use any premium tools of the application. The user can check the auto-renewal refund details on the subscription page or on his registered email address.

But you can go for McAfee request refund within a month of auto-renewal. Some apps offer 15 days whereas some offer 1 month time for cancelling the auto-renewal. Go to the app’s website and read its refund policy. If your auto-renewed plan is still under refund policy then go for it. Cancel the renewed plan and you will receive the refund.

Cancel the subscription from your online account and get the refund

Sometimes, the user forgets about the auto-renewal service and uninstalls the app. The subscription will auto-renew even if you don’t have the application installed. For cancelling the subscription, you can use the online account. 

  1. On the computer, open the browser and go to the app’s website
  2. You will see the login button
  3. Enter the credentials of the account
  4. Hit on Login and now open the profile 
  5. Click on the Subscription page
  6. The user will see all services
  7. Click on the auto-renewed plan
  8. Choose Cancel and hit on refund option

The user will get refund details and now his subscription won’t renew automatically.

Prevent auto-renewal of the subscription

If you are not using the application then cancel its subscription. Once the user cancels the subscription, it won’t renew automatically. The user can cancel the subscription before the expiry date of the license. Cancelling the subscription won’t lapse the remaining days. You can still use the application till the provided expiry date.

  1. Open the app’s dashboard 
  2. Choose subscription window
  3. Tap on the current subscription plan
  4. Click on Cancel

Choose Confirm and now you will see an expiry date next to the license. You can access the tools until the given date and then the subscription will expire.

Cancel your subscription on Play Store

In Android, you can get the apps from its play store. You can get the license for the Android app using the website. But you can install the app from the Play Store. After installing the setup, the user can use the key for the license. While cancelling the subscription, you can directly cancel it from the play store. Open the play store 

  1. Go to Payments and Subscriptions
  2. Choose Subscriptions
  3. All premium apps will appear
  4. Select the application 
  5. Scroll down and tap on the Cancel button

Now go to the app and click on settings. Choose the subscription for checking the expiry date of the app. You can still access the premium tools until you have the days of subscription. After the expiry, you can remove the application from the device.

Some apps have a multi-license subscription where you purchase one plan and use the app on many devices. For cancelling the subscription, you can only use the primary device. Even if you have an app installed on other devices, you can use the tools but can’t cancel or make changes to the subscription.

If you don’t have the primary device with you; use the online account. Open the online account on any system and then cancel the subscription. Once you cancel it and request a refund; the premium tools won’t work on any device and you will get the refund. In the future, if you need the application then you can renew the subscription manually and then use it on the device.

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