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Can vape pens cause sore throat?

Vape Pens

A majority of vape pen users are previous smokers who need to quit smoking. However, vape pens have attracted many people who have never smoked. These portable devices are a modern way to administer concentrates particularly cannabis and nicotine. They have proven to be a healthier, safer, and more effective alternative to smoking. 

Nevertheless, some vape pen users (not all) have previously complained of having a sore throat each time they use the device. You will find out below whether their claim is real or false.

How do vape pens work?

As standard, most vape pens feature a battery, heating chamber, and mouthpiece. The battery powers the coil in the heating chamber and it heats up to the set temperature. Also, a vape pen’s heating chamber has a tank that can come preloaded with the vaping juice or it can come empty (you will have to buy the vaping juice separately and load it). The heated coil of wax vaporizers vaporizes your vape juice and you inhale this vapor via the mouthpiece (vaping).

Ingredients of vaping juice.

Some brands claim that their vaping juice is 100% natural, that is it does not contain any additional ingredients apart from those obtained from the concentrate plant such as Marijuana for THC vaping juice or Hemp for CBD vaping juice of a CBD vape pen. To ascertain this claim you will have to check the third-party lab test report for the particular batch of your vaping juice.

However, several brands include additional ingredients in the vaping juice to improve your vaping experience or to make it easier to vape. Some of the common vaping juice ingredients include:

Optionally, you can also find Nicotine in your vaping juice.

What can potentially cause a sore throat when using a vape pen?

Several factors are speculated to be the causes of a sore throat among vape pen users. These factors include:

  1. PG Concentration.

According to the NCBI journal, having a high propylene glycol concentration in your vaping juice can cause a sore throat. Although the high concentration can give you an increased throat hit sensation which many vapers enjoy, it can also cause a sore throat. PG can soak up all the moisture around your mouth, leaving it dry.

  1. Vaping Style.

If you just started vaping, naturally settling at your vaping rhythm can take time. You should take your time when administering your hits and hold the vapor in your mouth for a while. Also, you should observe and take more time than any experienced vaper to take your next hit.

  1. Dry Hit.

A dry hit is when you inhale from the vape pen when there is no vaping juice in the tank (it is exhausted). It causes a burning sensation which can be very uncomfortable. 

Dry hits cause a sore throat temporarily, which can resolve typically without having to interfere.

  1. Volatile Organic Compounds or Diacetyl.

Some vaping juices may contain volatile organic compounds/ diacetyl, which when heated and vaped can irritate the throat. You should always check out reviews and lab reports before trying any vaping juice brands. Also, if you try a vaping juice brand and it persistently causes a sore throat you should stop using it.

  1. Withdrawal from Nicotine.

Sore throats are an expected and common side effect in people who withdrew from nicotine (smoking) and switched to vaping. If you recently stopped smoking and are feeling this side effect, you should choose a vaping juice that has a decent amount of nicotine. Otherwise, too low or zero nicotine concentration in your vaping juice may give you a sore throat.

What can I do if I experience a sore throat after vaping?

You should do the following if you get a sore throat after vaping:



Vape may or may not cause a sore throat depending on how you use them and the type of vaping juice you choose. You may need to experiment with the brands on your shortlist and then know the vaping juice standards that suit you best.

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