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Best Cotton Sarees For Everyday Use

Sarees are always a perfect pick for casual days as well as special occasions. Indian women wear sarees on a regular basis for which they choose a lightweight fabric.

The most favorite fabric of every lady for everyday use is georgette, linen, and especially cotton. Either it’s summer or winter cotton can give you optimum comfort and therefore it tends to be a popular fabric among women.

The breathable characteristic of cotton makes it the perfect fabric for everyday use. They are perfect for traditional functions, family gatherings, and other auspicious functions that give the wearer a cool and fresh feel.

There are a number of cotton sarees that are perfect for regular use. Here are some of the prettiest sarees that will give you a fresh and cool feel all day long. 

Pure Cotton Sarees

The first one in the list is pure cotton sarees wholesale. These sarees are usually found in bright and vibrant colors and have the ability to control sweat and moisture on a hot summer day.

In the moderate Indian climate choosing to wear a cotton saree is the best choice. It gives you an elegant and graceful look giving the wearer a drastic appeal.

A plain pastel color cotton saree or a printed bright color saree paired with a matching blouse is a perfect pick for everyday use.   

Linen Cotton Sarees

The lightweight and flawless linen cotton saree can beat every other fabric in summer. The combination of line and cotton is the best to give you sheer comfort. These sarees are translucent and look amazing when paired with an elbow sleeves round-neck blouse.

The floral print, some traditional motifs and geometric print saree makes it a fabulous outfit for office wear and casual wear as well. They are perfect for lunch and gatherings. 

Cotton Silk Sarees

When you are willing for something comfortable and stylish then you can choose the cotton silk saree for a fabulous look. The shimmer of silk and the comfort of cotton makes this one the good pick for family functions and auspicious events. 

These sarees are light in weight and are eligible to give you a sophisticated appeal. The saree looks pretty when paired with a silk blouse having quarter sleeves and a broad golden lace at the end of the sleeves that gives it a minimalistic appearance.  

South Cotton Sarees

 Many women prefer to wear sarees in parties for which the South cotton sarees are the best pick. You just need to add some pretty accessories with the attire that will give you a complete traditional look and will make you look the best.  

Chanderi Cotton Sarees

The traditional Indian costume with beautiful embellishments and embroidery is popular in every state. For various ceremonies and celebrations, you can choose this chanderi cotton saree and look just fantastic.

It will help you look stylish and give you a comfortable feel due to its lightweight and a perfect shimmer. This saree looks just pretty when draped in the simple nivi style or in different traditional drapes. Add some traditional jewelry and a pair of sandals to complete the entire look.  

Tant Cotton Sarees

Originated from the Bengal region, this simple and elegant saree can allure your heart anytime you see it.

Gadwal Cotton Sarees

These sarees are commonly known as Sico sarees. The zari work of these sarees is just tremendous. The women of Southern states wear these sarees on an everyday basis. Even the God idols are decorated with these sarees.    

Kota Doria Sarees

 Their chequered weaves are very popular. This lightweight saree is handwoven on traditional pit looms in Kota Rajasthan. 

Bandhani Cotton Sarees

The print is adorned worldwide. This traditional print of Gujarat requires highly skilled labor to make the best figurative designs.

These sarees are widely worn at weddings and special occasions. You can get these wholesale cotton sarees easily in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The bright colors and amazing designs of these sarees make it every woman’s first pick. 


All these cotton sarees are beautiful in their own and it gives the wearer a sterling yet comfortable appeal. 

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