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7 key Elements Need to Discuss with Website Designing Company in Delhi

Nowadays online presence of every business is very important for selling products and services. To make an online presence of your business you need an attractive and well-designed website. Om Soft Solution is the top website design company in Delhi, and you may reach out to us at any time. We provide the best website at the best price, we provide some other services too like SEO services, SMO service, and PPC services, etc.

Question to ask

Here we talk about some elements you need to discuss with the website designing Company in Delhi. These are:


web design and development process


The first thing you need to know is the web design and development process of a website design company. In the design and development of a website, the process is crucial. It’s beneficial to know what the process entails, how it’s carried out, and how it will ultimately affect you and your project.

Be a fully personalized website or a “customized” theme


Discussed website design is also very important, it’s your responsibility to ask about they use the customized theme for website or custome itself full website. If the Designer uses a customized theme then it is a short time taking process and the cost is also low. But if the designer custom a full website then it is a long time taking process and the cost is also high.


What’s included in your price?


Every agency charges a different price for a website. It’s helpful for you if you clear all thing before like what services they provide you in your price. Because if you do not clear this they will charge extra charges for small changes too. Om soft solution is the best website designing company in Delhi because we offer On-Page SEO services too with web designing.

When the site goes live, what kind of training and support do you provide?


Ask your web designer about website training lessons. Some designers offer training, group workshops, and custom video tutorials for clients. Ask your web designer if they provide a post-launch support/maintenance plan for long-term help if you prefer to just email edits and updates rather than doing it yourself.

How many rounds of edits/revisions are included in the package?


What if the initial draught of your website is returned to you and you don’t like it? Request adjustments by providing constructive feedback to your designer. Typically designers offer 2–3 rounds of revision. If you require more, you can pay an hourly charge based on the number of modifications you require until they are completed.

Do you construct your site using SEO best practices?


Ask the developer they follow SEO rules in building the website or not. Search engine optimization should be a part of your site development from the start. Image optimization, alt tagging, mobile-friendliness, and keyword research are all SEO tactics that can help your site rank higher on Google.

Should I furnish the website with images?


Discuss with your designer should you have to provide the images for the website or the designer send any professional photographer to click the picture of products, office, etc for use on the website. There is another option too in this option web designer pick image from google or free picks providers apps. Om Soft Solution – The Best Website Designing Company in Delhi takes pics from google or Freepik apps.


We hope this information is really very helpful for you all. Please discuss all these points with your web designer before hiring. If you want a website from Om Soft Solution, then visit our website: omsoftsolution. Our team is available 24*7 to help you grow your business and achieve your Aim and KPI.


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