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Top 10 AI-Based On-Demand App Ideas For Startups That Will Make Money In 2021!!

Nowadays, every business seeks to offer customized experiences and services for its potential users. Over 2 billion and 1 billion users of both Android and iOS are active and search for on-demand app.

Machine Learning is an integral section of AI. It is extensively utilized by developers for software development. It has greatly influenced mobile app development. This advancement, therefore, turned into one of the potential markets for businesses.  This technology is implemented into the software to easily learn the behavior of the user. 

As per the prediction shared by PWC, 72% of brand owners claimed that they have full faith in AI. They believe that Artificial Intelligence will relevant significance soon.

To establish the brand in the cut-throat market, the business owners must develop an AI-Based On-Demand mobile app. By doing so, they can cater to the requirements of their potential users. According to reports shared by AI Multiple, by 2030,  the market size of the AI industry will grow by $15 trillion.

AI Based On Demand App Ideas in 2021
Source: AI Multiple

So, What sits you back? Let AI employed with Machine Learning do the magic for your ideas!!  Develop a mobile app that your users have never thought of but only dreamed of!!

  • AI-Based On-Demand App for Tools of Healthcare

The Healthcare industry saw a great divergence by employing Artificial Intelligence in 2020.  AI (embedded with ML) mobile apps are used to evaluate the reports/data/records of the patients. Nowadays, it also provides the best outcome. This innovative tool has been a great augmented tool. It has not only improvised the reliability as well as the quality. But has also helped in the stability in operations and predictability.

According to Inkwood Research, the market of Healthcare is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 40.03% during the period 2018-26.

on demand app ideas
Source: Inkwood Research

Redivus Health is an example of a prominent healthcare tool app that is utilized by numerous healthcare service providers. The excellent feature about this app is that they prevent errors. These errors generally occur in the medical data otherwise. It can also offer support for ceaseless clinical decisions.

  • AI-Based On-Demand App for IT Sectors

Since the world of the digital came into existence, hacks in data and cyber-attacks are the evolving reality. AI has opened new doors for services as well as security and has left a great mark now. The business owners (based in the IT sector) are nowadays focusing more on developing platforms for mobile apps using AI. According to IDC, the global market of this niche (by employing AI) will improve in 2020.  They further predicted that by 2024, it will break the $500 billion mark.

on demand app ideas for startup

AI2 is an amazing example and app that can give predictions on cyber attacks. All you have to do is use its proactive contextual modeling.

  • AI-Based On-Demand App for e-Commerce

AI has added another dimension to this niche. It has been readily adopted by numerous e-Commerce businesses of any account and size. AI has enabled the shoppers to affiliate the products/items with the precise brands, colors, shapes, and sizes.

AI Based On Demand App Ideas in 2021
Source: eMarketer

Impressive? Don’t you think !! AI in the niche of eCommerce is worth investing in. 

Alexa introduced by the giant eCommerce business, Amazon is a trendy tool of AI. It is used to determine the algorithm. It has been employed by Amazon to target the infrastructure of marketing. This tool acknowledges the team (of Amazon) to understand which items/ goods are mostly searched. This tool also sends personalized recommendations to the users.

  • AI-Based On-Demand App for Cost Savings, Energy, and Power

With this technology, electricity suppliers can optimize the generation of power effectively. It can also add great efficiency. It can assist to predict loads of energy at granular levels.

The mobile app, Codegreen Energy has saved millions of dollars by employing AI. This app can compare the efficiency of numerous buildings.

  • AI-Based On-Demand App for Interfaces of Smart Conversation

You cannot deny the fact that interfaces must not only appeal. But it also must be interactive that can lure more visitors to the site/ app. It is the latest trend that can earn huge money in the year 2021. Leading brands such as Facebook, Google, and many more have powerfully implemented this comprehensive technology. 

  • AI-Based On-Demand App for Fast Learning.

AI has altered the whole concept, be it about writing, learning, searching, or reading the text. It can assist the user to understand the current technologies, information, tools, and developments. 

  • AI-Based On-Demand App for Storytelling

Are you one of those who love reading books? Do you listen to stories on the wireless? Many among us love to do that. A storytelling on-demand mobile app will allow the users to listen to their darling novels/ books. 

Source: Single Grain

All you have to do is simply paste your favorites in the link section of the mobile app. This on-demand app will not narrate it as transcription but would rather narrate it as a skilled storyteller. These types of apps can determine the approach of the user based on the stratified search. 

  • AI-Based On-Demand App to Recruit Online

With the help of AI, one can automate the process of recruitments efficiently. It includes the screening (at the initial level) of the applicant. It will also provide details about sourcing. This app can also be used to match the profile of the applicant as per the job requirement. It is one of the best on-demand app ideas for businesses that will generate revenue in 2021.

The technologies that are AI-based aim on the variant exercise to recruit a candidate. It also curtails the exertion by navigating through the search engine to find the best candidate.

Nowadays, some smart employers are investing in such apps for their business that uses AI. This app can also enlist those applicants who were never thought out in the part. 

For instance, a Recruitment chatbot is an AI-enabled tool that is mostly used by recruitments nowadays. It utilizes a common language to learn the content tapped by the applicant. The main characteristic of this app is it can assist in real-time conversation with applicants. It can also line up the interview of the candidate with the recruiter. 

  • AI-Based On-Demand App for Accounting and Financing

Like numerous other industries, this niche has also implemented Artificial Intelligence. This comprehensive innovation has made the operation quicker. You can do it via exercises such as informing and entering the records rapidly. 

  1. Zero accounting apps are the adept on-demand apps that are widely used. This app can expedite the execution related to financial data. It has gained prominence because it can push notifications about the records issued by banks. It can also highlight the cash flows.
  2. Another popular mobile app that has been widely accepted by users is “VOD”. It can send updates on finances. It can directly push notifications to its users from stores or stores.
  • AI-Based On-Demand App to Curb Exploitation and Susceptibility

Any application that predicts the susceptibility can be a great hit among the users. This app is one of the best ideas that can identify the attackers. It will buy you some time, even weeks before another attack. 

It will be strong tools that can notify them about the elementary classifications. This app idea will give notifications like “won’t be attacked” or “will be shorty attacked”. Businesses can use and train this model easily. One can also set high reminders.

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In a nutshell!!

We hope that this blog has unlocked a new way. It will give an idea to develop some neat on-demand app ideas for startups that will make money in 2021. 

If you are a business owner or have plans to invest in AI-enabled mobile apps, make sure you go for a proficient AI development company. Hire a development agency that can offer feature-packed results on Artificial Intelligence.

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The author is an Android app developer at MobileCoderz, the leading Android app development company. He has helped numerous industries (from different niches) to establish their business using comprehensive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In his free time, he loves to write blogs and articles about the latest advancement and tools in mobile apps that can earn great ROI.

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