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Top 5 Movies about Artificial Intelligence You Must Watch

Artificial intelligence has become a great area of the internet for people these days. Nowadays, we are using artificial intelligence in different fields of life. We are using artificial intelligence in the robots to perform different tasks. The robots can’t talk and roam just like human beings. Anyhow, we know that this thing will happen in the future. That’s why film producers have started to cover this subject in the cinema. Lots of film producers and screenwriters have shown this fact in the movies. Here, Chris Greenwalty, writer at Wiz Article, will discuss the top five artificial intelligence movies that you must watch.

Robot and Frank:

It is an American science fiction comedy film. The director of this movie is Jake Schreier. The main focus of this artificial intelligence movie is on Frank Weld. His son buys a domestic robot. Frank warms up when he sees that he can use this robot to restart his career as the cat burglar. Due to writing, production and acting, this film has received critical acclaim among the audience. This movie was set shortly. In this movie, Frank Weld lives alone. While living alone, he has to face mental deterioration and dementia issues. Hunter is the son of Frank. He has to make weekly visits to his father’s home.

After some time, he feels tired to make weekly visits to his father’s home. He purchases a robot companion to take full-time care of his father. This robot has fixed timing to take full-time care of his father. Frank has a criminal mind. When he realizes that the robot can’t perform criminal activities, he assists him to perform these activities. When his daughter finds that this machine is ethically objectionable, she convinces her father to get rid of this machine. Frank uses this robot to steal the jewels. In the end, Frank tells about the hidden place of these jewels.


In this movie, you will see the mechanized police force that we will see in the future. This mechanized police force can easily patrol the streets. It will also deal with the lawbreakers. When you will see this movie, you will observe that people are fighting back. After stealing a police droid, when you will give it new programming, it acquires the ability to think for itself. This is the movie about the robot dubbed ‘Chappie’. This robot can puzzle out human behaviours.

The authorities will realize that this robot is dangerous to mankind. The authorities will stop it for nothing. They will also make sure that this is the last robot of this kind. It is an American science fiction action movie. Chappie is a combination of mystery and thriller. Neil Blomkamp is the director, producer and writer of this movie. The runtime of this movie is 2 hours. As it is full of thrill and mystery, therefore, you will never feel bored while watching this movie.


Johnny Depp has worked as a scientist in this movie. He has to face lots of problems to investigate the death and to build a scientist computer. The producer has shown the technological singularity in this movie. He has shown the technological singularity when artificial intelligence passes through human intelligence. On the other hand, anti-tech radicals have other plans. They try to assassinate Jonny Depp. Anyhow, his wife and science partner Rebecca Hall has contributed with him to prepare the machine. They have worked to make this process convenient for the people.

When you will watch this movie, you will know that it is packed with state of art ideas. At the film’s centre, we have also observed the out-of-control artificial intelligence. At the end of this movie, you will observe the high tech Romeo and Juliet ending. The directors and producers have received criticism from the viewers. They have received criticism at the logic and storytelling of this movie. The audience has observed lots of plot holes and superman leaps of logic in this movie. Anyhow, most of the viewers have shared positive reviews about this movie. Therefore, you will enjoy while watching this movie.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:

As told by a dissertation help firm, The Star Wars franchise has always shared friendly and goofy droids for the audience. Anyhow, they have turned things with the arrival of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They have introduced the K-2SO’s artificial intelligence in this movie. With the help of this movie, Star Wars has introduced as the best platform to explore artificial intelligence. This story is based on the life of a research scientist Galen Erso and his family. They hide on a planet. Here, an imperial weapons developer appears. He decided to press them into the completely Death Star.

You will observe a space-station based superweapon. It can destroy the entire planets. After some time, Bodhi Rock gets the holographic message. He tries to find Galen and his family. Jyn is also a character in this movie. He makes a plan to steal the schematics of the Death Star. He made this plan with the Alliance Council. They make this plan because they know that they can’t get the victory against the Empire. The character of Rebel is also interesting. He prepares himself to jump to the hyperspace.

I, Robot:

The base of this movie is on the story collection of the classic Isaac Asimov. Due to its Hollywood bombastic, it is a good movie in the spots. We will also observe the science-fiction noir auctioneer in this movie. In this movie, they have presented an overview of the 2035 humanoid robots. According to this movie, robots will lead human beings in 2035. The main story of this movie is about Del Spooner. He is a homicide detective in the Chicago Police Department. Based on the coding and logics, a robot rescued him from a car crash. On the other hand, this drone has allowed a 12 years girl to draw. The police department has to investigate a death. They have found that a robot is responsible for this death. When you will watch this movie, you will enjoy it.

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