Style your Hair Properly

Preparing Your Hair

First, ensure that your hair is meticulously cleaned using quality shampoo and hair conditioner before flat ironing to avoid sticky or damaged hair from accumulated styling products and dirt that build up in your hair every day.

Spray your wet hair using a heat protectant spray to evenly distribute it and soften your hair as it dries. This treatment protects your hair, and increases longevity of the hairstyle you chose to don on your flat-ironed hair.

Blow-dry your hair for easier, even flat ironing because damp hair will not give you desired results. Use a ceramic hair drier with mild heat that will dry your hair faster and prevent hair damage.

The Right Flat Iron

A ceramic flat iron with thick ceramic layers on the plates produces negative ions and infrared heat that is gentle to your hair; it seals hair follicles to conserve moisture and conditions your hair for added shine and bounce to your hair. Flat irons with 1-1.5 inch plates wide are okay for most regular hair types such as short-medium length hair. For thin hair, use a narrower plate. In general, smaller irons are easier and lighter to control. Flat irons with two-inch plates are good for long thicker hair. For curly hair, use plates with rounded edges.


Do not use more heat than necessary to style your hair. If your iron has adjustable temperature settings, use this flexibility for styling and control of your flat iron. If you have hair that is thick, coarse, or curly, use a higher heat between 350-450 degrees for more effectiveness. For chemically treated or damaged hair, use lower heat below 300 degrees. Lastly, for normal hair, use heat settings ranging from 300-370 degrees.

Flat Ironing your Hair

Firstly, divide small sections of your hair to make your hair straighter and lighter. This prevents uneven heating on your hair. Do not flat iron hair sections for too long as this prolonged heating leads to hair damage and frizzling. Press your hair between the plates just a few inches closer to your scalp maintaining low pressure on the iron; draw out the iron down towards your hair tips using moderate speed. Keep your iron movements even and a little fast without lingering on a section for long.

Flipping with a Flat Iron

Flipping resembles straightening your hair with a flat iron; the difference is when you get at the tip of your hair, twist the iron in your preferred direction for styling and slide it downwards. Flipping adds more style and bounce to your hair.

Protect Your Style and your Flat Iron

To preserve your new hair style throughout the day use a light finishing hair spray to keep your hair in place. Wrap your hair and cover it using a satin cloth during bedtime. Lastly, take care of your flat iron by keeping it in a well-aired pouch or a cabinet. Clean your flat iron frequently by wiping the plates with a non-abrasive cloth. Do not use any chemicals or bleach to clean your flat iron.

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